Saturday, March 6, 2021


 I love flowers... natural flowers in the wild, or at least untended blossoms. Horticulturally perfect do not appeal nearly as much as when nature is at work. The bees, the wind, the birds, and the occasional genetic misstep. 

The Kentucky Department of Roads plants flowers or grasses at various interchanges, medians, or margins along the highways. Several around Elizabethtown are planted with safflowers or poppies. The poppies have such a short life... some years I see them and some years I miss them entirely.

Here are a few from the last time I managed to catch them. 

Hey Look at ME!!!

Red Poppy and Daisies

Reminds me of a Tutu

Bud with a cap

Poppies are the favorite at the moment. Tomorrow it might be a weed with a butterfly.



  1. I grew up in Texas, and I really miss the roads and fields covered in Bluebonnets in the Spring. Every decade or so I get to go back and visit during Bluebonnet season. My favorite photo of my oldest son is when he was a little over a year old, and sitting in the middle of a Bluebonnet field with some Indian Paintbrushes here and there.

  2. I love poppies too. I like a good mix of long bloomers in with the ones that don't last long. The brown eyed and black eyed susans are the ones that last the longest here.

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