Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to Quilting

I can’t believe I have been home for 3 weeks!!! Where did the time go? I keep thinking of more things about South Africa, but I suppose it’s become a bore for everyone else. So we’ll move to quilting/sewing for a bit.

I have been back in the quilting studio, and besides straightening it up, I have finished my “Sparkly Chickens” for an online swap! I was very late getting my chickens done, a whole six weeks late. I had fun making them and adding the sparkle to them. Here is a (terrible photo) of all 12 of the finished chickens. I had to wait until the owners received theirs before posting a photo. I didn’t want to ruin the surprise in the mail. I have been asked by a friend to recreate my birds in her hand dyed fabrics, so I get to go shopping for just the right colors at her house!!! That is enough to make me get going early!!!

I have also been busy getting some class samples ready. Before I left for Africa and to help keep

me busy while DH is away I signed up to make some store samples. Well I made purse, which had directions that were poorly written and not very clear for some of the steps, which I mentioned when I dropped the bag off at the store. It was asked if I would teach/help anyone interested in making one, I said yes thinking no one would need the help. NOT. I will be at the shop this coming Sunday 8-23 and 8-30…. I might have only 2 interested, but I hate it when I get so frustrated in making a project that I throw it in the trash in total disgust!!! So in order to show how… provide a visual… of what to do, I thought having 2 bags in process would assist those that need to see. There is a reason that the garment patterns all have picture/diagrams!!!! One of the visuals is from a fabric that I brought back from Africa and the other is from some really old US cottons, that I picked up somewhere… Sometimes I am glad I have yardage that I would never use in a quilt, but would sacrifice for something like this, (this bag may never be completed). So glad I am ready early. I just realized that it is this weekend!

A quilting friend, Kim, presented me with a quilt!!! Not just any quilt, a hand pieced BOM she did

last year! It’s already gracing a bed in my house and will cover a guest next week! Kim doesn’t put a label on her quilts, so that is the one thing I must do, next week, get a label made for the quilt. It looks, very warm and comfortable- don’t you think?

Well that's all for now. I lead a very boring life at home! So boring I forgot about a guild meeting last night. I was busy making more 'chickens' and worked right through, well that and Project Runway season 6 began last night!!!

More Later!!!

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