Thursday, September 10, 2009

OK OK I’ve been lazy. Here I have been home longer than I was on vacation and I haven’t updated the blog. I have been busy, just nothing exciting enough to post about. Well that’s not exactly true. I joined a Twinchie Swap, before I left for Africa, and as usual, I had plenty of ideas but didn't implement any until the last possible moment. So next, What’s a Twinchie? Like a quilt, it consists of at least 3 layers, top, middle and back that is quilted - that is about where the resemblance ends; they are then embellished with anything that fits! Oh, and it's only 2 inches square. I would love to show you, but until the participants receive their Twinchies I have to keep the secret…

I was asked to recreate the 'chicken blocks' for a friend from her hand dyed fabrics, which I have gotten appliqu├ęd and beaded. They look cool, not sure how I am going to set them yet… but I got a brain storm for what I am going to do with the larger chickens, recreated from the "Sparkly Chicken Swap". I can’t wait to get going on that! But alas I have another project that has to be done first. I am swapping blocks, this time receiver’s choice, either Fall or Halloween. Today, I got the Halloween ones nearly done. I have plans for the Fall ones, but they have to wait until later next week.

Tomorrow I will drive about 3 hours up to Madison, WI to meet a friend- Karen, and go to the Wisconsin Quilt Expo! I plan to take a camera, and hopefully I will take a couple of pictures that mean something to me later and if the quilts aren't exciting enough -there's the vendors!

Axel is healing up very well, so while I visit Wisconsin, he is visiting the kennel again. I also have to tend to the motorhome on Saturday morning. We are bringing back to the city this winter and I have to move it over to the repair shop to complete the repairs that were put on hold earlier this summer, due to lack of parts, technicians and time.

Pictures and more later!

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