Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Weeks ...

So where are we now? Less than 3 weeks! DH booked our flights- so now the countdown is on. I saw an Ear Nose & Throat specialist for my ear infection. He of course confirmed the problem and sent me home with a purse full of samples and a script. The magic of medicine is working and my head is finally clearing!!! However…I did improve, but am still having problems…. So new week new script (this makes 3)!!!

Last week I took a walk and saw my first
Monarch of the season. Saw some nice wildflowers too, but nothing photographed as well as I would have liked!

I am slowly taking the house apart… adding more to the ‘Sea Shipment’ and a few things to the ‘Air Shipment’… and the rest of the stuff will be put in storage. We have our ‘Pack Out’ date… June 23 will start the boxing and it should be done on the afternoon of the June 24. On the June 25, it will all be loaded on a truck. Once that happens we will just have repair and cleaning to go!!! Sometimes I look at our stuff and say no problem and other times I look and say how are going to get this mess sorted and packed!!!

The Axel and Spaz will be going to the kennel on the June 22, so they are out of the way of the movers/packers. Don’t want any escapees… DH will be in DC again, while I handle the packing and moving to a hotel, well that is the plan anyway. Stay tuned it will change. The Import Permits for the pets have arrived. Axel had some blood drawn for testing. He must be free of, or test negative for 5 diseases, (really 4 because we don’t have one in the states) and have enough heartworm meds for at least 6 months. The cat is done for all intents and purposes. He just had to be current on his rabies and will get vaccinated when he has his ‘health’ checkup. Both will have to be certified by a USDA Veterinarian before travel, and that has to be done 10 days before leaving.

We sold our little Pickup truck and I have placed an ad to sell my Jeep. I will miss my Jeep! I ordered it from the dealership in July of 2001 and I have driven it 121000 miles. It rides nicely, doesn’t hold enough stuff when Axel is in it, but otherwise has been a very dependable ride.

My sewing room is all but dismantled. My huge cutting table is gone. I still have the sewing machine set up and a table with a cutting mat on it…. I am busy sorting so that I have enough to keep me busy… while we wait for the “Sea Shipment” to arrive. I will be taking, by “Air” the Janome, a cutting mat (18x24) and a box of batiks and of course thread. I will also have a small machine quilting project, (binding is made) and a hand quilting project. I think that is enough, and my total personal allotment for weight. I get more than the DH, because he has work to make the long days short and I don’t!
The house is not rented. The first ones… well let’s just say good riddance. It has shown a few times. My major annoyance is that the Realtors keep leaving the French doors unlocked, and when I complain… I get the well things happen. If it happens again, I will insist that our agents accompany a showing! Am I wrong?

So now you are up to speed…. Some days it seems to fly along completely out of control and then there are days where it slows to nearly a stop….

And There will be MORE!!!


Karen S said...

My life feels like it's speeding along, out of control -- except when it's crawling along at a slow bore...

I hate realtors -- the ones who showed my last house had absolutely no respect. Very frustrating.

Becky said...

Sounds great! I wish someone had given me the kennel tip when we moved, as our cat escaped twice when we were loading, even though I told everyone to keep her in a back bathroom. We spent literally hours searching for her when we should have been loading up.

Good luck with the car and house. Are you using Capital Relocation? That's who we got stuck with. I think they're the only one working with Forest Service. I sure hope your experience is better than ours.

Are you going to be there for World Cup? Can't wait to read more when you get a chance!

Oh, and on the bright side, at least you have people looking at your house. We had NO ONE for many months.... deeply depressing...

Anonymous said...

Wow, so much done and so much to do. It's amazing you're able to do much of anything with a stuffed up ear/head. Oh and your house is bee-u-ti-ful.