Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Moving" forward....

Back from Washington DC, and I wish I could tell you more about the trip, but my last entry was pretty much all there was.  (just click on the picture for a larger view)

Before we left, I thought I was suffering from outdoor/pollen allergies, not something I typically suffer from, but the symptoms came on at about the same time a lilac bush, (very prevalent around here), bloomed!!! So by the time we took off for DC I was feeling poorly, and it really didn’t get any better while away. I even bought an OTC decongestant… to clear up my sinuses and hopefully plugged up ear. No Dice, so our tour of the Senate and Capitol Building was pretty much a blur for me. Our tour was presented by a gentleman that my DH used to work with, and who is now on a temporary assignment, working with legislators…. And that is about all I heard clearly….

We roamed the front and back halls, took in some rooms and podiums… Wow, some of the architectural detail rivals the Chicago area for ornate!!! Lots of iron, plaster and gold leaf!

We have been home for several days and my ear felt and sounded to me like it had water in it, so I visited the Doctor. I have an ear infection…. Bulging eardrum… so now I am on a high power antibiotic and Prednisone... Hopefully it will blast it loose and I can hear again soon. I sure don’t want to make a 22 hour flight with my ear preparing to blow… It’s been 9 days and I still have a plugged up ear. So next I will be seeing a specialist.

We have started sorting our stuff for the upcoming move…. Some goes with us right away (luggage) and that is one of the spare rooms-actually both because we are allowed 3 bags each… that is all the spare beds covered with suitcases. We will be purchasing a new light weight set of luggage to round out the luggage.

We have converted the dining room to a staging area, and the furniture that was in the dining room and the stuff back from the storage locker is now in the living room.  The "Staging area" has been divided, one side is for the “Air shipment”, (450 pounds of items we can’t live without for more than a few weeks), which has to include additional pet foods, cleaning supplies and for me a sewing project and sewing machine. How far do you think 450 pounds is going to go? Needless to say there will be a scale…. nearby to calculate to the ounce of items in this shipment.

The other side of the dining room is the ‘Sea shipment”, which can be anything else we think we need to have while away. So far based on advice, we are taking our mattresses and linens… The kitchen, minus the small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, can opener) and some less often used serving ware. And of course much of the sewing room!!!

We were concerned that the house wouldn’t show to potential renters well, with the mess our stuff is in. The good news is… We think the house has rented. I didn’t even have to stage it, and we only had to show it once!!! They have requested a 3 year lease too. So hopefully one less thing to worry about!

Sorry about the disjointed way this entry reads.... (trying to be concise). Stay tuned… there will be more LATER!


  1. I can't even imagine your packing trials. How totally exciting. I've had the ear problem before, and it just seems to make everything disjointed. I hope it clears up. One of my daughters had a burst eardrum her senior year in high school, and it took forever to heal.

  2. Packing is such a pain. I love the patterns on the buildings.

  3. Packing is a pain for sure, packing up for moving even more, but an earinfection is the worse of them all. Poor poor you and I surely hope that yours will clear up. if not - go see that specialist in good time before the flight.
    Big Hugs.

  4. I dont envy this move at all!! I see a beautiful quilting technique in these photos! Inspiring!


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