Saturday, June 19, 2010

“T” minus 12 days and counting…

So far the dog and the cat are the closest to being ready to leave. They had their final vet check, shots and wellness exams today. Axel passes all his blood tests, (for parasites), with a negative, so that is good news. The cat only needed to be current on rabies and healthy to go. Next week I take all the results in to the USDA for an Export Permit, -which is basically a Veterinarian reading all the papers I take in, (Rabies Certificate, Health Exam Certificate and Parasite blood results), and signing off on a form.

Sewing room
My sewing room is looking more like a disaster area, but that’s ok. I have most of my stuff separated for air and sea. There really isn’t anything else for me to do as far as packing the house goes. Just make sure that the things we want with us go with us. Not exactly sure how I am going to direct the packers… when we have 3 levels of rooms…. And the ones that need the most supervision are separated by stairs…. (sewing room and kitchen).

The projects I’m taking are some little things. I was given a kit, a really cute thing called a Snap Sack, and it had everything you needed in the bag to make the quilt; all the fabrics, borders, binding and backing. I had also purchased one. So I made both of them up, I did them with needle turn appliqué, using a technique that I learned while in Nebraska. If they had been just a bit more generous with the green fabric I could have squeezed 4 more out and made a single top with 12 cupcakes!. I have the binding done and I plan to machine quilt it and add some beads.

Hand Quilting... UFO
I am also taking a quilt to hand quilt, or I should say continue to hand quilt. I have been working on it –off and on for many years. The baby it was supposed to be for is in college. It is an adaptation from a Judy Martin Quilt, from one of her books... (Scrap Quilts I think) I started it (1990-ish?), and then my life made a left turn, so it’s been hit and miss since then. It was hand appliquéd with a little embroidery. I started the quilting and then discovered that the crosshatched grid going through the center wasn’t going to match up on the other side. A problem I later discovered is common…. So I had to figure out how to fix it… which I did… it’s called "fudge it". The appliqué is outline quilted and I might quilt the appliqué… but maybe not. How many years can a small quilt take?


Box O'Batiks
And this… a box of batiks, browns, blues and greens for a quilt, a queen size quilt, maybe a little bigger. I have a plan and the batting… not sure who/how it will be quilted, but that is still a little ways off, so I will worry about it then.

And last but not least, I still have ear infections. ENT Dr. has said that if the next round of meds doesn’t fix me I will get to have tubes. So I go in on Monday to see if I’m finally clearing up or not. The new stronger Prednisone made all the difference over night, so I am hoping it will kick it out and I won’t have to have the tubes. And to top it off I was requested to have another test at the hospital again. Not sure what the previous tests showed/didn’t show, but I had to have a more specific one. Hopefully it won’t change our time schedule.

So- as usual stay tuned…. There will be MORE.

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sosarahsew said...

At least they haven't told you that you are pregnant!

I have some of those green batiks. Maybe I should vow to work mine into a quilt before you get home - 3-5 years, that seems like a doable time frame.