Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Compilation

Its Mothers Day! and it’s really not that special for me. My mom has been gone for 15 years now… While it is easier now that time has passed, you never really get over not having your mom around… to call, to visit or just to chat with. There are lots of questions that I would also like to ask… now that she is gone… and never thought to ask while she was alive.

However daughter in law is going to be a first time mom… soon. She was admitted to the hospital for high blood pressure yesterday … and Dr.s have decided to induce. She is full term and the baby is in good shape. So to say that there will be a baby on Mothers Day for her, would be premature… since natural birth can often take a very long time!!! So I will sit here and wait for news.

In the mean time let me fill you in on my doings… this last week.  Of course there was work… but it’s not really exciting and am I really glad that it takes up lots of the week. With DH gone again… it seems like a really long time already… and I guess it is, nearly a month.

It’s really weird here to see folks wearing winter clothes… layers, sweaters, heavy coats with hoods up or hats… and compared to Northern Plains of the US, Nebraska and Illinois… its not really even sweater weather yet. Although I do remember when I lived in San Diego… once the temps began dipping below 50… we all thought it was getting cold too.

South Africa doesn’t use Daylight Savings Time… so the clock doesn’t jump ahead or fall back. I am noticing that the sunrise is a little later each day and the sunset is a bit earlier each day too. And that is the extent of winter so far. I haven’t heard too many people (native to the country) discuss fall and spring as though they are different seasons… Just summer and winter…

On Friday I met with a some of the Americans ladies here… and we did some Gelatin Mono Printing. It was quite fun… I only had a couple of hours… to play and would have loved to explore this a little more. Penney was the organizer and we had 2 other ladies join us. My pieces were nothing to write home about, but I did heat set them yesterday morning…. and maybe I will find a use for them later. I think I will have to play with this again. But I will have to order some supplies. Penney provided all the inks/paints yesterday… and we used Setacolor and some Jacquard products.

NO pictures… since my Mono prints…. are well boring… and I haven’t done anything else this week picture worthy… I’ll just leave you with word pictures.

More later….



Jean said...

Will this be your first grandchild? Exciting, babies are exciting. Do your son and daughter-in-law live in the states? I know what you mean about your mother. I was 26 when my mom died, but I still think of her daily. I won't be seeing my girls today. The daughter here - we visited yesterday, and she will be with her in-laws today, and my other one will be here for a number of days at the end of the month with the boys. Your Mono- printing does sound interesting. It's fun to get crafty with other women!

Anonymous said...

Beth, the Gelatin Mono Printing sounds like fun to me. I will have to Google it! I am missing my Fridays with all of you but know that life changes. I am currently very busy with my quilting bee here and hope to post some pictures in the next couple of months on my DH's quilt. Take care and say hello to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I bet your mom is smiling at you and very proud of the wonderful and special daughter she brought into this world. I bet your first grandchild is going to be bee-u-ti-ful. I hope you can see him soon!

Karen S said...

We want to see the boring gelatin prints anyway -- they're probably not as boring as you think!

Becky said...

Just got to say how excited I am about your new grandchild! How special!!