Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a little of this, some of that…

Well a couple of things to show from the sewing room and a couple of pictures of nature too. I’ll start with a picture.

This plant is considered a weed… I don’t know what to call it… nor can I think of enough words to look it up for identification. I think it is in the succulent family… It makes baby plants, similar to hens and chicks… so they are quite prolific. There are many different plants that produce orange bell like flowers. I think I am going do a study of them next year. I will need something to do!


I have finished my April UFO. I had to wait for more Cranberry/pink variegated thread to arrive.  I was going through my stash for something the other day and ran across a maroon fabric that was much better for a binding. For a closer look at any picture, just click on it…


sights-q-detail-2   sights-q-detail-1

I printed off the label tonight and will attach it tomorrow. Another friend will be coming over for a bit of stitching and she is using my Janome with the Accufeed foot. She is making some African Print placemats. Simple grid quilting, but she is loving the process.

On Sunday I finally decided to make a Jacket. I have been toying with making one for several years. I just can’t decide on 1. the pattern/style and 2. what to make it out of. Just too many choices. But last week I picked up 2 filing cabinets from a family that is leaving. So I put all of my silk-upholsterypatterns in one of them. While doing so I found a pattern that my mother designed and decided to make it. I used the a silk upholstery fabric very similar to this one (I bought another piece) and lined it with a satin. It will be very warm!!! The pattern is only pieces no directions and very few markings. Sure glad I remembered some of the basics of construction. Went together very well and had it done on Monday afternoon, ok Monday evening, because I hemmed the lining by hand. I think if I make another one I will do some Jacketalterations… (& to show the pocket a little coin purse). There is a variation of the same coat, only longer, I am thinking of using one of the fabrics my DH brought me back from Rwanda, see them here.

I am still waiting for my fabric from the US to finish my May UFO… It won’t get here in time… so I am anxiously awaiting the number draw for  June!

And lastly 2 more pictures, these are birds. The first is a Malachite Kingfisher. He was either really tired or felt comfortable, he was about 10 feet over head. These guys are not very big, maybe 6” long.


This guy is called an African Hoopoe. Their color is the most beautiful cinnamon brown, with white and black markings. When they fly the pattern on the underside of the wings is very impressive. He had a partner, and I didn’t know this until the other day, but they make little cheep cheep sounds. A much smaller sound than you would think would be made by adult birds.


As Always I’ll Have More Later!



  1. You are amazing! I am still working on my DH's quilt, which is now a King size. The hand quilting will be completely a long long time from now. I am enjoying it and will post a picture when I get it sandwiched. Keep quilting and writing. It is what keeps me sane. Miss you! Jan

  2. It's always fun to see a post from you. The birds are great. I think the Hoopoe is my favorite. Maybe it's because he looks so interesting, but maybe it's the great name! I love that you used a pattern from your mother to make the jacket. Was she a quilter or a seamstress or...? My grandmother was a professional seamstress, but I do not know that she ever saved a pattern from one garment to another.

  3. I always love to see your wildlife photography! Pretty darned nice bargello as well!! What are you going to do with all these quilts when you finish them?

    As for the jacket, after years of being away from it, I'm also getting the urge to sew a jacket. I wonder why? I do have a couple of pieces of nice, nubby silk in the bottom of a box that would stitch up quite nicely. Now, I wonder which box??

  4. Love the jacket! And the birds -- especially that brown and black "cardinal" -- LOL. I wonder if the orange flowers are adapted to a certain type of wild life?


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