Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Weekend

I have been a little neglectful…. to the blog…. We are now past the middle of January. I am back on my feet…. my back thing was a muscle spasm, not a pull or a strain. Is that good news or bad news… we shall see. I still feel a little warning, once in a while, but I think its something that comes with age!

This last weekend we went to a hunting lodge. The DH has taken up Bow Hunting in this last year or so…. partly my fault because I gave him a Compound Bow last year for Christmas. So NOW he has the bug!!

He tried very hard to find a place where I would have something to do… with the camera while he was looking for likely prospects. We had 4 days here… and I shot a few pictures. He didn’t shoot anything!

I also read a some books on the Tablet through the Kindle App. I was reading The Litigators by Grisham and started and finished The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Both books are good. I had planned to start knitting some socks, but between the rain storms, (one that knocked the power out) and poor evening lighting… I didn’t even cast on.

So now some pictures. miemie

This is Mie Mie, she lives with her husband Pieter, on the Game Farm where we went hunting. She is 70 years old and runs a ‘Farm Store’. She makes all kinds of baked goods to sell there. On Sunday they invited us to their home for dinner. Entre was Warthog, scalloped potatoes, salad, rice, gravy and I brought dessert, (some Blondies I baked for us, but saved for Sunday dinner). Delicious!!! Told the Hunter (DH) he could shoot some of those.


This is a moth…. love the look of his antenna….

A grasshopper. Tried to find out which kind, but no luck on Google. He was quite colorful…


The view of the area from the top of the ridge was amazing. I love the wide open vistas and watching the cloud shadows on the land.


And lastly, while technically not a great picture, I spent a lot of time trying to capture a dragonfly in flight. These guys are very difficult to shoot… and trying to keep one in the lens and focused, is well hard! Next time I’ll up the ISO and shutter speed… and maybe I’ll get the wings in stop motion.


We are off hunting again this weekend, so hopefully more pictures next week…

More later! Beth


Sara said...

Good news about the back! Enjoy the hunting & photography!

Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! Had to laugh about the shooting comment! Maybe both of us need to learn to hunt, as my DH has the same track record as yours' this year. My DH bow hunts too, but has yet to actually kill anything with it. I think he's just about given up on it... Oh well...

Jean said...

Warthog!Now there's something new and different for dinner. Take care of your back. I'm glad you are up and about and shooting - shooting with more success than your hubby., at that.