Saturday, December 31, 2011

Out of Commission

That would be me… I am immobile…. resting…. and healing. On Monday or Tuesday I was tossing some toys for the dogs (at least that is what I think was the cause) and inadvertently, pulled, strained or tore a muscle in my back. goose

seagullsWhen I went to work on Wednesday…. things progressed rapidly downhill. By midafternoon, I knew something was wrong… but wrongly thinking I would work through it.

When I got up on Thursday morning, I could hardly walk and trying to find balance was excruciating. So I started with ice… and by Friday was using heat, and by Friday evening a bit looser and more mobile, but only to go the bathroom, reheat the rice bag or have a little water. Otherwise it was more time in the chair.


The good news is… today while stiff, walking is easier, but there is still some pain when I move just so- the wrong way. So once again I am sitting in ‘the chair’ with heat. So, for the time being I am down for the count.

Our trip home from the US had us stop overnight in London. DH has a friend from work that lives there, and they (Kevin and Heather O) insisted that we stay with them. They were the greatest hosts. They both had to work of course, but made us feel very welcome and expected. With Tube passes, cell phone and local maps.

hyde-park-fence-panelOn our first day we took a walk around Hyde Park and saw the fence panel (above), the goose and the seagulls. When we started out it was warm… but it soon turned cold!!!

Kevin also arranged for us to view the Key Ceremony at the Tower of London. It wasn’t your ordinary daytime tour. This was a night time tour and semi-private. Unfortunately it was typical ‘English’ weather, so we didn’t get to walk and listen to the guide, but we did get toat-the-tower visit the Tower Church, and get a up close and personal with a few of the relics and stones of some of the bodies that have been interred. After the history and the Key Ceremony we were invited to the Beefeaters Pub. *a little history* The Guards of the Tower are a special group from the English Military, and a few select are chosen to be Tower Yeoman Warders, it is a lifetime job and there are only 38 at any given time. After the Key Ceremony the real jewel of this tour is a visit to the Yeoman Warders Pub. Where we had a drink or two with the Warder that was our guide. The inside of the pub has been decorated in badges or shields from various forms of ‘guards’ or police from around the world. I saw several shields from the USA, (FDNY, FBI, , Secret Service and all the branches of the US Military).  The last couple of years the US Embassy and the Warders have a Whiffle Ball Tournament, this is the trophy from 2 years ago.


That is all I have… 2012 is waiting in the wings and will be here soon!!! Ok for me a little sooner than for (most) of  you…. Until later….

Happy New Year!!!



  1. Oh wow. I love your pictures! I hope you feel better soon -- back pain is so hard to deal with. Happy new year -- get out that elephant liquor -- you'll be better soon! (or your head will hurt so much you'll forget about your back)

  2. I am trying this again. I have written (really good)comments on several of your posts, but they are not showing up. Hmmm. I wrote one some hours ago, but no, it's not here.So I am trying again.

    I have total sympathy for the back pain. I've only done something to mine a couple of times, but when I have, it is awful. Take it slowly! I know it is hard to even sleep well.

    Your stop in London must have been a wonderful visit! My husband would have loved the Yeoman Warders Pub. Such fun!

    I wish you the best in 2012!

  3. Ouch! Take care, rest, feel better!

  4. Happy New Year and take care of that back!!!! I've had mine go out as well and all I can recommend is rest, drugs, a good heating pad and gentle stretches. I know, I know.....the stretching seems impossible, but it does help. By drugs, I mean a muscle relaxant, not the painkillers, although they work as well, but only to dull the pain.

  5. I hope you feel better soon. We always look forward to your wit and bee- u- ti- ful pictures.

  6. Backproblems are nasty - I suffered from it for quite a few years :-( So take care, heat, rest and painkillers are recomended.
    London is one of my favorite cities, so much to see and do - but not nearly as much fun things you saw.
    And as usual - your pics are lovely!
    Happy New Year back at ya :-D

  7. What great pictures! I've always wanted to go to the British Isles! So cool that I get to travel vicariously like this! Thanks for sharing!


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