Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Few More Pictures

This was the view from the little Chalet we stayed in over the Easter weekend. We were up on a ridge and we had a deck out over the little canyon. You can nearly see down to Cape Town in this picture!!!! (not really we are a long way from Cape Town). The little house you see in the picture is another place to stay. It really looks charming up close.


These little birds were really small, about the size of a pair of rolled socks. As I was driving up to our Chalet one morning…. They were in some really long grass.  Not in the least worried about me…. didn’t see mom anywhere, but I’m sure she was around somewhere in the long grass.


One of my favorite places to visit was a little pond that formed next to the road. Lots of bugs and a few flowers…. butterflies, dragonflies and this fly with HUGE red eyes getting a drink…


And lastly, a bird in flight. This is a European Bee Eater. These birds are very colorful. They soar, turn and dive for insects and are fast! Very difficult to get a picture. I was also trying to get one of the underside, but alas none of those turned out.


These are the last of the Easter pictures- next up some Quilty ones.

As Always….. More Later,



Jean said...

That is one Big eye!

Becky said...

Lovely! That bee catcher is so neat!

Karen S said...

Those pictures look so much like Southern California. As always -- love the birds!