Friday, April 13, 2012

What Season?

If you saw a bunch of these trees what season would you think it was?


We went north of Pretoria by about 100 miles for a long (Easter-here it is a 4 day holiday, Good Friday and Family Day on Monday) weekend of hunting and relaxation. These trees are blooming everywhere, but this one had lots of green around it which really shows off the pink, (sorry about the road)… I don’t know the name of the tree. The flowers resemble a Lily…. 5 long petals, white and yellow throat and long stamens.


Where we stayed I saw several wild flowers too. This purple one, which reminds me of Statice. The flower is less than 1/4 inch across -closer to 1/8 of an inch, and as you can see there are lots of little flowers waiting to bloom.


I also found these little orange flowers, and like the ones above the flower is very small, these are closer to 1/4 inch and also similar to the one above bloom in stages.

One of the things I have noticed in the flower world since I started taking flower portraits… is the number that resemble puffs. They come in lots of different sizes… from very small like this pink one -less than a half inch across.


To this white one which was about an inch across.


And lastly the grass- which was seeding. This grass is tall, around 5 feet… maybe a bit more.


So have you figured out which season it is in the Southern Hemisphere? If you have said fall you would be right. The temperatures are cooling… 15 Celsius at night (mid 50’s) and the days are not getting quite as warm 20 Celsius (lower 70’s). Really quite comfortable!

More Later!  Beth


  1. haha! With all of those flowers, it looks like Spring! I love those little pink ones! They remind me of lavender.

  2. I knew it was fall because spring has sprung here. I love those orange flowers, but the photo of the grass is just wonderful!


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