Friday, July 27, 2012

A Question Posed

This next week will be very busy, so I am going to try and see if I can setup a post…. to post while I am at IQCAfrica.

When I told my sister that I was moving back to the USA, she asked me what I would miss about living in South Africa. I gave her a couple of things…. but I can think of several more.

  1. The FRIENDS I have made. Those that sew and those that don’t.
  2. The WEATHER. It’s hard to leave a place that is warm for most of the year, and the few cold days are just that, cold, but NOT freezing.
  3. The VEGITATION. So many different kinds and something is in bloom all year long.
  4. The WILDLIFE. Birds and animals, just like the flowers, there are so many different kinds… and they are very entertaining.
  5. The opportunity to EXPLORE. New cities, places, people and customs.
  6. The VETERINARIANS. They practice old fashioned medicine, and know what they are doing. Axel has done very well here, and we are not looking forward to the difficulties in the USA, again.
  7. THUNDER STORMS. Not that we don’t have them in the USA, but the intensity is amazing.

Of course there is the flip side, things I am looking forward to having again.

  1. FOODS. I have missed Cranberry Juice, cottage cheese, apple sauce and cheeses.  They have these here, but they are just not the same!!!
  2. QUILT STORES. Not just the quilt shops, but the choice. We don’t know how lucky we are in the USA. The cost of the goods is much less and the choices are much larger!
  3. DRIVING. On the correct side of the car and road, again.

As you can see the list of things I will miss is considerably longer that the things I am looking forward…. to.

As usual, I’ll have More Later- Beth

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Karen S said...

Well! SOME of your friends back here miss you terribly. And are sorry they couldn't visit you in Africa. Even though they are glad that you had this amazing opportunity to live there. ..I could go on... :)