Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big News… no pictures

Well the date I alluded to in the last post is now a known thing!

I have another date to share first. Next weekend is IQCAfrica! The International Quilt Convention Africa. It’s a big deal for South Africa. It’s only a 3 day event. I don’t think there will be much in the way of a quilt show. But there are workshops and vendors (many from the USA). I am taking an all day workshop on all 3 days. I will be spending time with Susan Brubaker-Knapp on Friday and Saturday taking her “Dragonfly Sketching” and “Start with a Photo” workshops. On Sunday I will be doing the “Goodbye to the Grid” with Dena Crane of Kenya. I will be staying at the venue- something I wouldn’t do if I were in the states, but the traffic daily between Pretoria and Johannesburg is just too unpredictable…. and why should I waste 2-3 hours a day driving?

I am looking forward to a weekend to myself, sewing and relaxing…. no meals to cook, no dogs to look after (not that I mind), a small break before the pace picks up.

The other date? We have orders! That means we are now able to start the move. In just a bit over 6 weeks we should be back in the USA. Our next location is Washington DC…. Of course we will be in a hotel until we find a house, which might be a little iffy, since we have 2 dogs. Everyone ‘says’ they have good dogs… even if they aren’t. The good thing is, mine are -Good Dogs. Neither chews on furniture or digs in the yard…. and are generally well behaved. But we will have to try and convince property owners of their good behavior. So if you are a real estate agent; or have a house to rent or sell…. let me know!!!

To complicate things, the office I work for is being relocated to Johannesburg right now too. Next week I begin the physical move of our warehouse of parts. Not a small task!!! It took me and a crew of four workers to get everything palletized and wrapped to move. Next week we take the first load of shelves and pallets…. and begin to unload and shelve the stuff. I think it will take me 4 weeks to get it all moved, organized and situated….

As usual, more later!  Beth


  1. Oh how I would love for some such creative time of my own ;-) But I do have a plan - next big birthday I want to go to the US for a week or two on my own (wonder what The DH will think of that??) to take some applique and FMQ classes somewhere with some great teacher.... One can always dream ;-9
    But packing up for moving is not my idea of fun, thank heaven we have stayed in the same place for almost 13yrs now :-)

  2. How exciting! A move, a move and a treat!!!! After moving my office last year, I don't envy you the first move, but the second will be fun when it happens. How long will the dogs be in quarantine? Now, try to get some rest while you can. LOL!

  3. A move back to the US!! That is going to be a bee-u-ti-ful thing!

  4. Best of luck with the move, and enjoy the quilt fest! Do you follow Katie of "Swim, Bike, Quilt" blog? She's in the DC area, and I think is active with other quilters there. You might send her an email to see if she knows someone with a rental, or a place/website to ask.


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