Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Yesterday was the anniversary of 9/11 and I know right where I was. I was alone. I was in San Diego, CA - I was supposed to be getting ready for work and for some strange reason I turned on the TV that morning. Something I almost never did.
So yesterday, moving the time up 3 hours (East Coast time zone)… found me sitting in the hotel breakfast area…. It made me stop and think about the actual decade +1, and all the changes.
The first one that comes to mind is the TSA, especially after just traveling internationally. You get a pretty good pat down, (the first time coming back to the states in 2009 it was a “FULL” pat down, just let your mind go wild-yep, that full). This time more a controlled area at the gate, we had to take off our shoes and the carry-bags were searched by hand.
The second is all the changes in my life, and how fast life is moving. 9/11 in many respects seems like just yesterday, but then I look at all the things that have changed in the world, and all the changes that have occurred in my own life…. and it does feel like it should be much further in the past.
I watched a bit of some of the retrospective programs on the tube yesterday. I listen to some of the stories, from co-workers, wives/husbands and families, either recounting what they saw or the loss they witnessed. It made me sad.
Add to that the the murder of 4 members of the Libyan Consulate, over a perceived notion of a slight based on a MOVIE. Maybe we should retract our government, fortify the walls and pull the gates closed; and let the mob have at it. At least most of us would be safe.
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Paule-Marie said...

I was living in Northern California on 9-11. I woke to the news on the radio and turned on the TV at 5 in the morning. I still remember the chills I got watching that. Like many 'memorable' occasions, we will all remember where we were on 9-11, the Challenger disaster, President Kennedy's assasination, Pearl Harbor for those who are old enought to remember.

I agree with you on fortifying the walls, pulling the gates closed, retracting the government and most importantly, pulling our financial support from those countries who really aren't our allies. My heart is breaking for the survivors and families of 9-11 and the families of the murdered memebers of the consulate and for what is happening in and to our country. God Bless America.

Anonymous said...

If you pull the gates closed, we can't come visit ;-(
But it's plain horrible what some people do in the name of religion and managed to rouse them rest of them into a frenzy. Over what?? I don't know if they are brain washed or just plain stupid....