Wednesday, February 27, 2013

And now we can get back to sewing!

A couple of new birds… have visited since the last post… a Stellars Jay, a pair of House Finches and a pair of Cardinals!!! I also heard a Wood Pecker yesterday (banging somewhere on my deck), but I did not see it.

The sewing space has been completed. I cannot believe how much more open and less congested it feels now that the ledge is gone! I have to thank my Dear Brother in Law (DBIL) that lives nearby for donating his time and expertise in getting rid of the space waster!!!

The beginning - We tore out the drywall that was covering the ledge and the supporting 2x4’s…. and were left with this.


and the middle -DBIL installed the new drywall, taped, mudded and sanded.


I then painted the wall and trim, then baseboard was in installed.

This is the ledge (with the ironing board on it) and now it is gone!



I love how much more open it feels. I opted to just patch the carpet… instead of replacing all of it. Now I can create with abandon and worry less about any messes I make… and consider replacing the carpet when we leave. I have moved all the sewing machines back to the original positions and the new empty wall will become the design wall.

I have been busy already and will share that next!


Jean said...

Jealous of that big sewing space! I am tucked into a small extra bedroom, which is my little heaven, but not so design wall space.

Fleurette said...

That is such a lovely sewing space!

Paule-Marie said...

Looks wonderful Beth. I am jealous of the natural light you have. My new sewing room faces east with 2 windows and shaded by the juniper and cedar trees my husband won't remove because the act as wind blocks for the prevailing winds (which can be REALLY strong.)

Enjoy your new space.

Anonymous said...

Oh my - see me green with envy over here...All that space and light and BIG design wall. Sigh sigh mutter mutter ;-)