Thursday, February 14, 2013


The weather says its still winter, but I’m thinking that spring can’t be too far away. None of the pictures are mine, I haven’t been able to take any decent pictures through the windows.
I put out some bird seed and have been attracting birds. My first visitors was a pair of Dark Eyed Juncos, which have told their neighbors on either side, so there are now more than 2 showing up daily.
And of course there are the ever present Sparrows -once the word gets out there is lots of food, come in droves. I like to listen to them chirping…and watch them hopping about eating.
I have also seen 2 birds that are new to me. One is the Tufted Titmouse. Such pretty little birds, and quite shy. The little bit of yellow and rosy pink are such a nice treat out the window.

The other new bird for me was the Carolina Wren. Such a cute spry looking little bird. The do have a stern look about them, and I think when I see it… it is thinking about scolding me for peeping at him out the window.
And a surprise was seeing a Black Capped Chickadee on the bird feeder yesterday morning. I heard him first and too a look. He didn’t stay long though. I have heard their voice in the bushes, just hadn't seen one.
And last but not least I saw not one, but 2 robins. One yesterday and one today. I think that is a sure sign that Spring is on its way!!!!
More later!  Beth


  1. I see robins daily... And daffodils. But then this is Alabama. Hope we avoid the spring ice storm that seems to happen each March.

  2. No robins here -- they'd sink in the snow. The titmouse is so pretty -- I hope he allows you more pics.

  3. You're in Northern Virginia, so you should see some cardinals pretty soon. They have a most distinctive sound and they're so pretty.

  4. You know, birds have never been my "thing, I even have a hard time appliqué them in the current project ;-)


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