Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nearly Wordless….

I have been trying to get out with the camera, and see the nature of Virginia and surrounding countryside. I only have 3 photos…. to show for this outing… a flower (weed) and 2 bugs (not scary).


a common Thistle- I love looking at them in nearly every state…


a beetle - Flower Longhorn Beetle…. bugs are fascinating because of their colors and patterns.

cr-milkweed beetle-2

and this little guy is a Milkweed Beetle.

and this concludes the photo session for that day. It was cut short when the car refused to start. Dead battery. After a tow to the shop and a few hundred dollars later, the car is now fine!!!

More Later!


Jean said...

Your photography is always so wonderful. Dead car, no so much fun.

Karen S said...

nice photos -- I especially like the one in the middle. Darn car -- you could have spent that money on something fun!

Anonymous said...

As always you details and super clear and beautiful. Wonder what the trick is ;-)
Bad about the car, but hopefully it will run fine now.