Saturday, July 27, 2013

It Was Hot!

I’m sure that you have heard the news. There was a heat wave that covered more than 2/3 of the US. Just like most of the East Coast, the weather here has been HOT. No other word for it. The air temperatures were reaching the upper 90’s, add in the humidity and the heat  index said that it felt like 105 to 110….  That is much too hot for man and beast… but I had to go and see what LOVES this kind of weather!

So what loves the sun and heat? Sunflowers!!!


Last weekend, I made a solo ride to an area on the Maryland side of the river (Potomac). I had heard/read about a Wildlife Management Area that plants some fields of sunflowers. I was going to wait and go with a group of camera buffs, but the weather was going be stormy… and the flowers were at peak… and after the storm the field would be wet and muddy.


Field of sunflowers are not new. But the fields were opened to the public to walk in, is a nice change, instead of climbing fences or trespassing. There are several fields, in the area… in various stages of maturity. Next year I plan to visit then again…

This was one of my favorites pictures…. as the breeze would move, these flowers looked like they were peeking around one another…


An of course what is a sunflower picture without a bee?



I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back out with the camera. I hope you have too.

More Later!!!



  1. Love the sunflowers. Can you see the one you liked best as a quilt? Our summer hasn't been so hot yet, but the wettest July. Gardens are not as pretty waterlogged!

  2. Can't help but wonder what kind fo camera you have? Me never managed that kind of crispness and it can't be me in fault can it? ROFLMAO


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