Saturday, July 20, 2013

Special Flowers

On Monday, I took a trip to the Washington Botanic Garden. It sits just across the street from the Capital Building. The is a Corpse Flower that was supposed to bloom on Sunday or Monday. So I braved the heat, drove to the nearest Metro Station, took the Metro into DC, walked the 1/2 mile to the Botanic Garden. Can you say disappointment? The flower was still wrapped up tight and not ready to bloom. So far I have to say that the folks that are paid to predict things here are terrible at it. The Cherry Blossoms were late -weeks late, summer was late -months late (not that we are really complaining about it during this heat wave!!!), and the flower yep - Late, very late! The Botanic Garden is streaming the blooming… at the time of writing this, it still hasn’t bloomed. I don’t really have a real reason to see the flower, other than it is a once in a while thing… and well I could.

But all was not lost…. I of course had my camera with me, so I took advantage of the plants and blooms.

The Orchids were gorgeous of course… and there were quite a few. But this one was my favorite of the day. The purple and yellow are such a pretty combination.


I also saw this long stem of flower buds, I have not idea what plant it is part of, but it was a good of focal point study for the camera.


This flower, also don’t know for sure which plant it belongs to, but I thought it looked like a fire cracker or a birthday candle.


Outside of the Botanic building the grounds were just as much fun. I found these little blooms on a ball. Those little flowers were smaller than a pencil eraser.


And lastly, these White Coneflowers. I have seen pink, purple, yellow and orange coneflowers, but I don’t think I have ever spied white.


I think I will have to make another trip back to the Garden when the heat index is not quite so high. And see what else in bloom.

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