Saturday, June 21, 2014


It is nearly the summer solstice, which means the longest day of the year, and we slip ever so slowly toward fall. It is sometimes difficult for me to figure out the months of a season… When I was young… Fall started when school started, winter was some where between spring and fall, (I would associate it with snow and cold, but I grew up in California, where winter was signaled by a few frosts). Spring came around Easter… and summer started when school let out. If we were to follow the solstice or equinox dates, then we will have just finished spring and summer will start now…with fall actually starting well after the leaves are off the trees, and winter begins, when we are looking for signs that spring is certainly close…

Mostly winged creatures. I have been unable to identify the first 2 butterflies… I don’t recall what the under sides looks like so that makes finding distinguishable marks more difficult.butterfly


This little guy… is a Common Blue, also known as a Summer Azure. When the wings are open, the top side is a beautiful blue gray color.


and a field of wild daisies.


More later-Beth


Exuberant Color said...

I have seen a few butterflies already but they are fast flyers and I haven't been able to identify them yet. We have had so few butterflies the last few years that I'm wondering if the population will be up this year.

Wolfie Stitchin said...

In a country where the darkness overshadows the light for many moths, summer and summer weather is important. Sadly still rather chilly :(
Butterflies are fascinating, we don't have many but if we are lucky, there are some dragonflies round the pool. But no pool weather, no dragons :(