Saturday, June 7, 2014

Whats Up?

Has it really been a more than a month since I last posted? Just goes to show I really live a rather boring life…

The weather has finally turned to more summer than spring… And so far the weather has been spectacular!!! Not too hot and humid, but I’m sure those days are coming! I have not been outside with a camera in several months… I am going to have to fix that soon!

The kids and DGS packed up and moved to a warmer climate in May. They did not like the long cold and very brutal winter here.  We hope they like Texas better, and so far I think they do… This was taken the day before they left- DGS turned 3 earlier in the month.


I have been working on a quilt, but I am not ready to reveal the whole thing. But here is a picture to tease… you.


I have sent it to the Longarmer for quilting. I just didn’t want wrestle it through the sewing machine to quilt it myself.

cr-kellyI have had a house guest… also quilty! She was in the area for another obligation and came early and stayed a bit late to visit.  Hi Kelly.

She also brought gifts!!! Always nice.


The other bit of time consumption and keeping me close to home, has been Axel the Monster Dog. He has once again spent too much time and money at the vet. This time for a hematoma (similar to a blood blister) on his left ear. We drained it twice and each time it came back so finally a surgical fix. He had the stitches out on a Monday and by Thursday was back because it didn’t stick! So, it was drained again and more surgery again next week.  He will have some blood tests done too, as we think he has an underlying disease that is causing the ear (and him), to not heal as well as is expected. The poor guy has been living in a cone with one ear taped down, for nearly 8 weeks and he has a month more time in it after the surgery. In the meantime he acquired and ear infection… the medication for that -ear drops- is $65 for a 15 ml bottle, (1 Tablespoon!!!).


Doesn’t he just look so sad?

I am busy working on some thread painting… objects. They are fun… I had forgotten how much dimension thread can add; to commercial fabrics!!!  Here are a couple of pictures… Nothing too revealing, since they are not yet done…

cr-flower-basket  cr-ellie

The flower basket is more traditional and the elephant… will have much in the way of embellishment and sparkle. I will show and share -more later!



  1. Poor dog! Poor you... When the meds coast that much! I have no clue how to thread paint, but it am pretty sure I will especially love the elephant! It is good to see your blog ( and it makes me feel sad that I have fallen from blogging.)

  2. Poor doggie! I love the colorful projects you're working on. Can't wait to see what the longarmer does and the elephant is great!

  3. Are you telling me that all of that is thread and not appliqué? For real? I'm in awe. And we all send out Swedish (very nice) nose kisses to poor Ax.


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