Monday, October 31, 2016


It is fall in Kentucky, again!!! I have been watching and waiting for some good color. The news indicated that the last week of October is typically the best week... 

Our temperatures have been all over the place... one day hot and near 80 and the next cooler in the low 70's.... and of course the nights cooler. All week we have had a breeze during the day as well.

I took a country drive to a quilt shop.... a few miles down the road and took the camera with me. Hoping for a great vista of brightly colored trees.

I did not find much in the way of great color, but I did spot this on the side of the road in a yard. The road is a busy narrow 2 lane, with no place to pull over. I will be planning a 'go back' for a better shot of this. It could become one of my all time favorite photos.

Not finding any great vistas, I stopped in the park near home... and captured some of the nearby fall.

 Leaves on some murky water. I like the reflection of the light on the water as well as the bright red and yellow leaves.

I like the way the leaves flowed into the pattern with the current... in this one. 

I think I have this shot and the one below from last year too. It is the most picturesque spot on the lake... too bad the water seems to have the most color... (as in a murky green)


I will keep looking for more fall... and then we will have winter... Not sure what we will really see in the winter .... the predictions are all over the map... from near normal to much higher than normal precipitation... which could mean nothing or everything, depending on the temperatures!!!!

More later.

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Rachel Murphree said...

Beth I just love your photos they are so beautiful. glad I found the time to catch up a little on Feedly today. It's fabulous that you had a good workshop and learning more about your LA.