Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vacation is OVER!!

My vacation is over!!! My DH is home. For how long we don’t know. It may be for a month or longer. So now I will have to devote a significant amount of time each day to more regular cooking and cleaning. Not that I live like a pig, but with just one person, it’s amazing how long it takes to fill up a dishwasher. And to add to the vacation end… He will be having surgery for a torn Rotator Cuff. We don’t yet know when… he sees the surgeon on Friday and we leave next Wednesday for Arizona…. Son’s wedding is a week from Friday. It will be an interesting 3 weeks or so, here.

I added a button to the blog, see it there just to the left. The Blogger’s Quilt Festival, for those of us unable or unwilling to go to Houston. It is a virtual quilt show, without judges or judgment, and open to all participants. If you would like to see the spring version Park City Girl Spring 2009, and if you are interested in information about the Fall 2009 Show go here Park City Girl Blog

I don’t know if I will have a quilt and story to post, because I haven’t done too much of the actual combining 3 layers part of quilting!!! I have made several quilts worth of blocks, but I haven’t combined them into a quilt as yet.

I finished my Halloween/Fall swap blocks and got them into the mail on Saturday. The Halloween blocks were either the spider (Black Widow) or the Bats. The spider has a silver web line and a red sparkly hour glass. The bats have red bead eyes, orange beaded feet and black shiny thread wings. I made the hat for the instigator of the swap, but she had to drop out and she likes witches!

All the Fall blocks were the same, but different and I used hand dyed fabrics and 'sparkly' threads to add the sparkle to them...

I also finished and mailed the Twinchies, but I can’t share the Twinchies yet, because several of the swappers haven’t finished/sent them yet. I am running out of patience… I REALLY want to see them, and share pictures of the ones I made.

I was also recently invited to join another small (online) group; the goal is make a Journal Quilt in under 2 hours. So far there have only been 2 themes. The first was a “Moment in Time”, on either the Monday before or after…. On both Mondays I was cleaning house… and that is bad enough… to immortalize that in a Journal Quilt… well. I just couldn’t do it!!! I did do the second theme and it was posted on Oct. 1 – “The Wind”.

I have another project on the design wall. I used

the fall blocks as the jumping off point for this. I need to get a larger piece of hand dyed fabric or several pieces of varying colors to piece for the back ground, (currently on paper). It will be machine appliqu├ęd, and then embellished. In the meantime, I have started on the ‘replicated’ Chicken top. I have a design planned, something I rarely do… but I wanted to combine some traditional piecing with the batik chickens. I have the most of the traditional blocks made… Now to figure out the setting… there will be lots of math and seam ripping!

More Later!

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