Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Week in South Africa

So another week in South Africa…. There was some good, some bad and some just plain mediocre.

Our compound is now full. All four houses have occupants. Two of the houses are occupied by US Aid, a single lady with a small dog and a family of 3, and the other is occupied by the Office of Regional Interests (a huge euphemism… but we can’t discuss it), a family of 4.

Monday found me with a few hours of free time, so I invited my neighbors over… but only one was able to come, for cappuccino (from our new coffee maker), and scones, hot from the oven; while I waited for the possible delivery of my Air Shipment. You have no idea how surprised I was when the guard at the gate called to see if I was expecting the delivery and on time too!!! So it is here! There are some different clothes, our down comforter and some pillows, a few of my kitchen knives, a sharpening stone and large cutting board, some much needed dog toys, leads and bowls, along with my Janome sewing machine, fabric, projects and miscellaneous tools. The Good!

All the houses are NEW, as in just completed in July. On Tuesday, I was picking up the pile of dirty laundry (the basket had been downstairs with another load), when out of the corner of my eye I spied movement. A Roach. A large adult roach that wasn’t moving very fast for daylight. So as soon as an office was open/staffed at the embassy I called. Said the house was new and I had a roach. So they sent out a pest control specialist to evaluate the problem. I think it started with the big leak in the master bathroom. But an exterminator will be here on Tuesday to deal with the creatures. It has been all I can do to not do some eradication on my own!!! The Bad!

Also on Tuesday, DH and a co-worker got down to business with the items we did not receive with our furnished House Hold goods… We didn’t have a lawnmower, (which won’t do us much good until the irrigation system is fixed), additional lawn/yard care tools, space heaters (which will just take up space until next winter), the top to the entertainment center and a decent vacuum cleaner. The vacuum I have been using did not SUCK or pick up anything other than hair. If I could see the item on the floor, (bit of dead grass, crumb, or sand), it would not pick it up! Now I have a ‘Karcher’ vacuum in the awful trademark Yellow that all their stuff is. The GOOD!

On Wednesday, DH went down to Durban for business, just an overnight trip. He had plans to meet up with some acquaintances and renew some business contacts while there. He took some friends out to dinner. The dinner wasn’t bad but the dessert was terrible. On Thursday morning we woke up to many mail messages thanking him for his order(s). The credit card he used to pay for dinner was skimmed, and the number sold on the Internet. So we spent the morning…. canceling the card. The Bad!!

On Monday, the DH leaves again. This will be his first extended away since we moved here. He may be gone for a bit more than a month or a bit less. Don’t know yet. We have been working hard to get me comfortable living here, so I am not stuck… plenty of $$ in the bank account, able to drive and get where I need to be and things to do.

Next week I plan to get some sewing done…. But my plans have a way of changing… Linzy is back to remedial housebreaking. So my time is in 1 to 1 1/2 hour increments – she is totally confined if she doesn’t do her business otherwise she gets to play for about an hour… and then back outside. But she is a very loving puppy and has picked me, so now I have 2 dogs…. Poor DH…

And one last note: While the US is going from summer to fall, South Africa is preparing for spring. I am seeing new buds and some leaves on trees and some different birds. Still not much in the way of pictures, but Higher Speed Internet is coming!!! Hopefully by Sept 1!


  1. I am sure it feels good to have some sewing supplies -- and to have neighbors. Even if you don't know them, warm bodies are good. It takes a while for a new building (much less in a whole new place) to seem like home, so the Air Shipment no doubt helps with that! Dog training? Gee, our pug who is funny and sweet and more or less trained has to go on a leash since we have no fence. He is the worst walker for me. He wears a harness, but he can back out of it if he puts his mind to it. And he wants to somersault on yards with a slope, and run in circles around me when he gets home. All of this in Alabama heat. I don't think we will see fall for a while. I imagine spring will be just beautiful where you are! Can't wait for your pictures. Take care!

  2. Another couple of weeks or so when the weather warms, it will be time for a block party. 8-)

  3. It is too bad that there are creeps in the world. It has to be horrible trying to fix the credit card situation from so far away. But the good will eventually outweigh the bad and your adventure will continue to be bee-u-ti-ful.

  4. I'm happy to see that The Good outweighs The Bad and The Ugly (I HATE cockroaches!)!

    It must have been better than Christmas to finally get your sewing stuff.

    Can't wait to see some pics.


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