Friday, December 31, 2010

My List of UFOs, WIPs & PHDs for the 2011 Challenge

I had planned to participate in Judy Laquidaras UFO Challenge .... in 2011. So in preparation I procrastinated until today to make my list. I have several small projects that I might be able to complete...

Here is my 12 for this .... next year, but my real (personal) goal is to get them to the next step, IF I finish one or more, that will be a bonus.

1. Christies Quilt (1988) - hand quilt*1/2 quilted
(edit 3/28/2011- drawn for March-completed except for the label)

2. Music-Proud Mary (1989) - complete top and add borders
(edit 7-3-11 drawn for July)
3. Presidents Quilt (1990) blocks -arranged and set (enough for 2 quilts?)
4. Sights in the Sky (1990) -machine quilt
(edit 4/29/2011 -Drawn  for April. 1/2 machine quilted ran out of thread. More ordered but not in time to complete in April. Binding is also cut and ready)

5. Japanese Ladies Quilt (2004)- machine quilt

6. Red/Black Japanese Quilt (2004)-machine quilt
(edit Drawn for January. Complete.)

7. Endo (2005)-machine quilt

8. GI Progressive "Coots N Cranes" (2007)- complete top
(edit 7-3-11 top complete)

9. PR Round Robin (2008)- machine quilt
(edit 7-3-11 top complete)

10. Sparkly Chickens- Chicken Blocks (2009) - arrange & set blocks
(edit, Drawn for February. Not complete for Feb. but top assembled in March)
11. Sparkly Chickens- Fall (2009) set blocks

 12.Cupcakes x2 (2010)- machine quilt

I didn't think I had that many... projects underway, (I actually have 17) I have left the ones that need to be hand quilted off, but as you can see some have been waiting a LONG time.

More later-



  1. Good luck with that!

    I saw this challenge but I only 2 UFOs...the chickens and the 4x4s. Since I haven't decided what I want to do with either, maybe they're actually WIPs.

    All of the projects are fab and it would be hard to prioritize. Why didn't you finish them? And..if you finish one project each month, will you have time for anything else?

    I might not have UFOs but I do have a LOT of fabric. I don't know if Judy L is doing the stash reduction challenge this year but I'll be doing it one way or another. THAT will be a challenge as I love buying new fabric.

  2. Good luck with all of those -- I bet you can get a lot of them done this year. I really like 7, 8, and 9. How big are they?

  3. You forgot about the CQ's. BTW, I'm impressed! I wouldn't even remember the years.

  4. YOu have some beautiful pieces Beth. The sparkly chickens made me giggle

  5. LOL OK Now I don't feel so bad. I have yet to ever PUBLISH all of my WIP / UFO's! You're brave! I also want to get some finished, but what am I doing right now? Planning a NEW one!!! Good luck and Happy New Year!!

  6. Beautiful UFO's...can't wait to see how you finish each quilt. Te lekker om 'n kwilter van Pretoria te sien met 'n hele klomp onklaar kwilts.
    Groete uit Texas!


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