Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Award???

I got an Award!!!

My friend (both in the 3D world and the blog world) has given me a ‘Blog Award’. This is the Award!

My Friend, Karen, she blogs here, and I love to see what she is up to. She is incredibly talented with both fabric and paint (dye, ink, pencil, etc.) and really makes her visions come to life. I especially liked the Pelican quilt she did here and is currently on display at the Overture Center in Madison, Wisconsin and the dog portraits she did; Jasmine (3 or 4 parts) and Nikko & Princess  . I am lucky enough to have a couple of pieces of her hand dyed fabrics, (which I treasure and even have a plan for).

The Award is bestowed upon blogs that could use a boost in followers… (should have less than 300 followers), I definitely qualify there!!! The awarded blog then nominates 3-5 other blogs… that could use the boost…. And well deserve to be noticed. So I am going to direct your attention from me…


Luann Kessi’s blog “May Your Bobbin Always Be Full"… . Right up there with Karens blog as far as inspiration and motivation… I am hoping it will help me going on turning my photos into quilts… (large or small). She also teaches… and like me she throws some of her real life into the mix… so it’s not all just the quilting .

Becky of “Beckys Blabber” . Becky used to live in Michigan… while in Michigan she took up quilting… and well hasn’t turned back. As a matter of fact her current project is kinda ‘ARTY’ too and very interesting… Becky is busy raising 2 boys and trying to be a stay at home mom as well. I have to admire that, it’s not easy being a one income family in this day and age; but I’ll bet the rewards will be worth twice the effort!!! Again, Becky also tosses some real life into her narrative… just to keep it real. To add interest Becky just opened an Etsy Shop.... so stop in and say hello.

“The Artful Dreamer” and friend Anne Marie is my last nominee. She is pure ART with a needle, although she is not strictly fiber…. She will use anything that strikes her fancy… (beads, paper, thread, cord, etc). She has been known to add a little paint and even burn or melt her surface…. Once in a while she will use the sewing machine. Anne Marie also tosses a little of her real life into her blog and even takes a few pictures too.

I hope you enjoy visiting my friends and inspirational blogs. I visit many more and have started to use the Google Blog Reader… there is even gadget, so that all the new entries show up on your iGoogle page… right with the email, weather and news!

On an entirely different note…. We are again without High Speed Internet… so no pictures. But I do have a question… The one thing I am finding that I don’t like about Windows 7 is how it wants to handle files (save and keep). It wants me to change the way I catalog and keep track of my photos. Quite frankly I have found a system that works for me and I DON’T want to change it. Does anyone have any help or fixes… for this problem. I have some pictures I want to share… but getting them from the old computer to the new one is proving VERY difficult.

Anyway… Thanks for reading and as always….. MORE later.



  1. You are so sweet! Can I nominate you right back? I've had a crazy-busy week, but will try to list a few of my favorites soon! And :-( about the internet. I had dial up and slow DSL in Michigan, so can totally relate! We now get cable internet, and it's such a HUGE improvement!! We don't even get the fastest speed either! Sorry with Windows 7. We have Vista on this one and XP on a old laptop. My kids have some old computers that my dad had when he passed that he was trying to fix for others. DH managed to fix up one of 3 (mostly by salvaging parts from the other 2), and put Linux on it for the kids. Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for saying all those nice things -- I'm blushing!

    There may be a few more of those fabrics on their way to you soon. Just sayin'...


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