Saturday, June 18, 2011

Good Friends!

Let me start by saying we have some really great friends, both here and at home.

Just before Frank came home a surprise box from the US came in the mail. It was a care package from our friends from Durban, Carl and Brenda. They were stationed here for 2 years and we spent lots of time with them last year when I visited DH in Durban. We saw many of the sights with them. They are now home in Texas and settled back at life in the US.

Carl and Brenda have been sending small boxes of fun … periodically since we got here. Unfortunately I have been unable to blog about them… mostly because they seem to arrive just as we are going (to Kruger)… and most of the contents go with us and are consumed before I even get a picture!!! But not so this last time. I have a picture and I have delivered the other items in the box so I don’t even have to worry about spoiling the surprise for others.

The box contained a short letter and some pictures of their new house,care-pkge some popcorn, DD coffee, gum, pretzel snacks and trail type mixes. Needless to say some are already gone or in the process of being gone!!!

Not only that, but last month a mystery magazine arrived. Of course it was a quilty magazine, that they surprised me with. Not just one but a subscription!!! Since it has been more than a year since I saw a US Quilt magazine it was quite a wonderful surprise!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to deliver the gifts to Fanie and Elmarie. They invited us to dinner on Sunday. It was great. There was a ton of food! Lamb roast and gravy, chicken stir-fry, rice, broccoli, roasted potatoes and butternut fritters, as well as desserts. In addition to Farnie and Elmarie, the kids were there, Heliza, Thornton and Tristan, but we also got to meet, Farnies brother, sister in law and his mother!!! We really feel like part of the family now. No pictures because I didn’t take a camera, but wish I did now!!!

No stitching or sewing to report this week. Although I have tried to be in the studio -I have not made it in there long enough to make any progress… It could be for things like trying to make the all in one wireless printer scan to a computer…. 3 hours later it works!!!

More later- Beth

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