Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More about the meat….

You know all that meat that I posted about???

It’s history. The freezer was bad and was cycling…. So on Saturday we had to toss 200 pounds of meat into the garbage. In addition, we had to clean the freezer…  The meat on the line, was dry so we also brought that in…. That was a lot of meat!!!! The biltong that we hung, was also brought in. We learned a lot of lessons…. this past week. They doewors, was over spiced and too much fat in it. The biltong on the other hand was under spiced and not enough salt, so it didn’t dry as well and had no flavor.

Of course the good news is (despite the waste) that we have room in the freezer. We actually bought a new one and discovered the defrosted meat at the bottom of the borrowed one when we were transferring to the new one. So now that we have room, DH can plan another hunting trip.

Add to that the chain that raises and lowers the garage door snapped. Again. This is the second time, the last time was about 6 weeks ago. So now we have to park outside. Normally not an issue…. but yesterday we had rain, thunder + lightening and really mushy snow flakes. The rain was really coming down and we have a tile roof…. which means no gutters… and I got soaked just trying to get in the front door!!!!

The weekend before I went out, with a local group, all from the mission. We went to a curio store, a Mexican tortilla and chip maker (REALLY the highlight) and a restaurant, called Carnivore. There are only 2 of these restaurants on the continent, one is just down the roadMenu about 30 minutes and the other is in Kenya. They serve all kinds of meat, including game. On our visit, (this is the menu, sorry about the picture… from a cell phone), we had the usual, chicken, beef, lamb and pork… but there was some Kudu (venison) sausages and meatballs, along with a roast; crocodile, zebra and impala. The meal is all inclusive, so for $30 we got a lot of food. The meat is cooked/roasted in a huge open barbeque on long skewers/rods and brought around and either pushed off / or carved right on to your plate. They keep adding meat until you MAKE them stop. I have tried crocodile before, and my opinion hasn’t changed -fatty, rubbery meat …. and I have had kudu roast- but not meatballs or sausage and they were very good. I’d have the meatballs again for sure. Zebra, was DIFFERENT, not something I want to eat regularly, but the impala was delicious. Not at all gamey or stringy or tough! So I told DH he could bring home all the impala he wanted.

and a picture from the hunting trip….


A Groundscraper-Thrush. I can’t believe how many birds here are polka dotted!!!

Well that’s all for now… as usual there will be more later!



  1. OMG that is a bummer about the freezer.

    I guess this means more hunting for Frank.


  2. OMG!!! My hubby and I are so sad for you! When we moved to our first "new" house, many years ago, we naively plugged in our freezer to a plug that had one of those red thingy's (circuit breaker?). While on vacation during the summer, we lost power, and when we came back home, there was a huge pool of blood from defrosted game. I feel your pain. We butcher our own meat now, so I can't say that we've had it messed up in processing though (our dog gets so many scraps too for food). What an awful story!

    I've had snake and alligator, don't care for either. Antelope meat (related?) is very good, but DH has never gotten a tag. We had some this summer on our trip in Wyoming, as we stayed with a hunting buddy of my DH for 2 nights.

    Love the bird pic (as usual).

    Still strange to hear about snow when it's summer here!

  3. What a mess! Our son-in-law shot an 8 point deer and had it cleaned and processed....only to have to cook it all in one day when the tornado outbreak cut off all our power for a week last spring. Sometimes it seems you can't win! As usual, I love the blog tales and the new bird photo. Jean

  4. I just hate all that waste -- but it's a silver cloud for Frank -- and you still have the skins.

    Love the thrush -- spots are such a dramatic fashion choice, don't you think?


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