Friday, June 21, 2013

A Lot Going ON…

Since the Surprise post…. there has  been a few days of quiet and many days hectic of activity!!!! Some sewing, some cleaning, some family, some travel, some baseball and some holidays, and site seeing!!!

SEWING…. (I’ll tell a bit more about these projects in another post)

quilt collage

no pictures of cleaning…. well because who really wants to see that? and none of travel, because it was a quick trip back to Chicagoland.

FAMILY…. this little guy, Darling Grandson (DSG), just 2- and his parents , moved to the area in the middle of April. So we have spent lots of time with family!! I have a Sister in Law and her family here, and an Aunt and family here as well! Some of my missing time has been spent one on one with the DSG….

DGS   k-j

BASEBALL….  in addition to moving, we have taken in some baseball- our 7 year old nephew at Little League and of course the Nationals!!!

little-league   nats

MEMORIA DAY…. We were on the Mall and witnessed Rolling Thunder-200,000+ motorcycles rolling in a protest ride and honors our HEROs

cr-roll-thund   cr-roll-thund-2

we also honored our HEROs with carnations. This was at the WW2 memorial.


SIGHT SEEING…. some canons from Harpers Ferry West Virginia

cr-chambers-farm-canon-row   cr-MLK-monument

and the new monument to Martin Luther King. It is very striking, both in size and concept.

So now you know why things have been very quiet on the blog… but I will endeavor to be more…. informative… and post more pictures.

More Later--



  1. I am glad to see this. I was thinking about you the other day, hoping you we're well. Your little fellow looks adorable. I have been way worse about blogging than you! I will try to get back to it. Meanwhile... Stitching away on a New! bernina. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

  2. Your pictures and posts are always bee-u-ti-ful!

  3. Wow! You're busy Love the photos -- I've really missed seeing them. And you too, of course!


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