Friday, August 9, 2013

Look closely

I have a very good friend, Karen and she has a blog here, who is very artistic, talented and dyes fabrics. Once in awhile I get to be the recipient of one of her fabulous hand dyed pieces.

So recently I took a picture of a sunflower and recently posted it on my blog. (here it is again)


Here is a recently gifted piece of hand dyed fabric from Karen. The note with it said that she dyed it when she was working on her Tulips and Rosie piece in June. Don’t you think it looks like the background of the sunflower?


One of my favorite parts of many of the pictures is the blurred backgrounds… I often wonder how it would interpret in fabric…

I think I have my answer!

and I think this piece is begging to have the sunflower above translated to fabric on this piece of hand dyed fabric as the very true to life background.



  1. I like the blurred backgrounds too. I use one of my photos as wallpaper on my desktop with a butterfly and purple aster with a multicolored blurry background. you do good realist applique though and I don't.

  2. Oh wow -- it DOES look like the background of your photo! I think you know what to use it for now!

  3. Not one but two ├╝ber talented women artists!! I totally agree that this fabrics would do very well for any sunflower project


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