Saturday, January 18, 2014

Playing… with silk

I have been busy lately, trying to get back into a bit of a routine… It is very difficult for me to do that… partly, ok mostly due to the fact I don’t have a routine…. at least as it relates to time. I get up in the morning… between 4 and 5 and I end the day between 9 and 10… and other than getting dinner on the table… between 5 and 6 that is the extent of my mandatory time frames. Between those time frames, I get a little housekeeping done, some shopping and some sewing. I need to fit some exercise time in there…. somewhere, because if I want to leave those extra 20 pounds, (mentioned in the last post) somewhere….  that is what I am going to have to do.

I have gotten back to the sewing space, but the items below were completed before Christmas and all will live out of town.

I sent this to my friend Wolfie, who lives in Sweden. cr W-10x13

It did not quite make it for Christmas. I had an envelope and could put up to 4 pounds in it. So I asked a friend if she had anything to send, so we had to wait…. It is another in the ‘Letter’ series…. about 10 x 12 inches. The “W” is  Dupioni Silk appliqued on Dupioni Silk background, cotton batting and backing… of course all machine done!

I sent this “Letter” to my fried Trish who lives in Wisconsin. cr-T-10-x-9

She helped me fill up the envelope destined for Sweden. The “T” is cotton appliqued to Dupioni Silk as well. It is not the same color as the ‘W’, it is from a different piece of silk. The same cotton batting and a cotton backing, also all done by machine.

I have 5 letters in the alphabet done… only 21 more to go! We’ll see if I get there or give up … I have a few ideas… floating around.

I also made this little piece for one of my Sisters in Law.

jos gift

I have a couple of pieces of Japanese cotton Yukata. Yukata fabrics are relatively narrow, because traditionally they are used to make kimonos. Finished it is about 15 x 20 inches. Last year she made a comment about needing some art on her walls…. FMQ, cotton thread, cotton batting and backing.

Currently working on a Challenge… called “New”, it can be something new to you, new technique, new materials… any thing “new’. I have already started. It began with an envelope of scrap bits sent to me by a friend… in IL. Also working on a UFO… but I am busy unstitching the quilting…. didn’t like how the sandwich was not staying flat…. it is a foundation pieced -puzzle ball blocks… and the foundation fabric is stiff and removing it is not an option! So going to have to figure out something… else!

As always…. more LATER!



  1. Very, very nice! I must say that your FMQ looks excellent!! Can hardly wait to see what you do with the "New" project. Are the scraps hand dyes, perhaps?

  2. I don't have any experience working with silk. I used a lot of slippery fabrics in dressmaking for 35 years but never silk. Do you have to bond it to keep it from fraying?

  3. Gorgeous! And I'm so happy to have a spot in your alphabet!!

  4. My w is waiting for me to get the hook on the Beth wall along with the zebra and Houston poststamp :) Looooved what you did for the SIL - is it embroidered or?? Aren't we all happy gals to have you as a friend!!

  5. We're doing an alphabet BOM at guild...and I'm wondering if I'll finish all the letters. If we don't, then we'll find people with those initials to "gift" with our works of art!

    I love the piece you did for your sister-in-law! It's sweet and romantic.

    I want to see your interpretation of "New"! Were there any rules or parameters?



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