Thursday, November 9, 2017

K9 update

If you read the I Have a Notion blog, you already know where this post is going.

Life with Bandit made a left turn last weekend. He now lives with the breeder for some re-education and lessons in manners and will be rehomed to someone that can make him respect a human.

We tried. When we knew things were not going well we reached out to the breeder for some help. We did everything that was asked of us, unfortunately Bandit didn't. The difficulties in one area got so much better, but where it counted it was getting worse. In September I got an accurate weight on Bandit, he weighed in at 90 pounds and still has lots of growing to do weight-wise, not so much in the overall size.

Last weekend things came to a head. Bandit was not having any human bosses... and snapped at me, nearly getting my face and he did connect with my right wrist. It hurt! It was scary.

On Monday he was delivered to the breeder and on Tuesday I was missing him and his energy something terrible. I was also feeling so bad about letting this happen. What signals did we miss? Could we have corrected any of this sooner? Is he doing ok... without us? Was he adjusting? On Wednesday I sent the breeder an email. He called me in the evening... He reassured me that Bandit was responding, but he did not think he would be able to send him back to us. Bandit needs a much stronger hand and we are not capable of controlling or making him behave due to his size and our age. I was crushed. In the next breath he said he still  had a couple of puppies from their last litter available and offered one to us.

I accepted so we will going down this weekend to see it... and maybe bring her home.

More later- Beth

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Sue said...

I'm so sorry, Beth. That's a tough decision to make and I know your heart hurts. Clearly, you did so with love and great thought. Thinking of you...