Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Because I procrastinated so long on getting my UFO... stuff posted... I didn't have the time or room to post a New Year's Blog!!!

So for all you readers, friends and family (lurkers)... that know what I'm doing ... because you drop in... Happy New Year! May it begin bright and beautifully, bring you wealth, health, vitality and prosperity all year long; and all the laughter and love you can stand each day!!!

I have a few small things to finish up with the last few months of 2010... and a picture or two...

What kind of Big Cat is this?
Last week at the Lion Park, they also allow you to play with the cubs.  Only one enclosure was open when we got in line... I was torn between which one to go into... one had lions that were 4 or 5 months old and the other had cubs that were maybe 1-2 months old. I didn't ask... because it was not a fun experience... It is high tourist time... which means crowds of ill mannered people thinking they are just a bit more important than the next guy!!! But there was another cat in the pen with the larger lion cubs... can you tell me what kind of cat this guy is?

You looking at ME?

Just before we left the park... we found the meercat display and this fellow was looking for danger... Looked right at me... so I took his picture. Kinda cute... I can't watch the TV show... it would make me sad.

Linzy is growing, but not really fast. She weighs in at about 40-45 pounds, 1/2 of Axels weight. She hurt her hip a few weeks ago, so we tried to keep her quiet... We had an xray done... and the good news was no permanent damage... and the really good news was her hips look really good dysplasia -wise. Axel on the other hand is having some enviromental allergie issues.. well and maybe some food too. He got some of Linz's food, so it set off a whole string... so his feet are bothering him big time... so  he is on anitbiotics and Prednisone... it will be a few more weeks until we get it under control again.

I have been in the sewing room a little since the days of Kruger... I had 2 gifts to make and postcard or two... one of the ladies in one of the South Africa Quilt groups... was moving back to Germany after living here for 30 years!!! I'll bet she will miss the weather here really soon!!! Any way in the confusion of starting work, Axels surgery and the problems with the house... the rest of November and most of December slipped away. So I missed 2 quilters dates. Hannas going away luncheon and the Christmas party. So for Hanna I had made

some very South African trees... in several different sizes to sprinkle among her other blocks the others made to remind her of South Africa. I will mail them to her via snail mail. I also have a gift for my exchange partner... and missing the Christmas lunch... I missed my opportunity to give it to her. I have apologized and we will meet later this month. I don't think either read my blog... so I think I can show them here. They were taken with the iphone also.... so the colors may not be quite true...

I'm not big on making 'resolutions' so I haven't made any... I'm not usually big on setting goals either... because... I prefer to take advantage of opportunities that present themselves... and if you have mapped out the year with things TO DO, you might miss a chance to DO something else. But- I always try to be a good person... and of course I slip up ... I always try to do better and sometimes I don't, I always try to get the things I need to get done finished... and again sometimes I don't... but I don't let it derail me... so however you have planned or not planned out this next year.... I hope it goes just the way you want it to!!!

To 2011 and beyond- more later



Karen S said...

I love those tree things! Linzy is gorgeous! Is that a jaguar kitten?

Happy New Year to you too!

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

That was my guess as well. I also love the meercat photo. They always look so startled and inquisitive, but with an attitude!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Happy New Year to you as well. It's too bad that people can be such jerks. That little jaguar cub is bee-u-ti-full. I can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for you!

Meg said...

What no logo?

Looks like you had fun at the lion park!!