Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Last Weekend

On Saturday I took a Workshop. the quiltersA quilting workshop. It was on piecing without a pattern using curves. It was sponsored by the Jacaranda Quilts Guild, of which I am a member. Another group was having a small quilt show so I wanted to go to that. I spoke to the ladies manning the table and there was still 2 spaces available, so on the spur of the moment I signed up!
Now I must confess that on Fridayimprov 1 I considered myself a little insane. I had plans in my sewing room with 2 other ladies… so packing up on Friday afternoon was not possible. I had to be at the venue by 8 on Saturday morning!!! It wasn’t far… but  I had not been there before… and the GPS is not always reliable and I had to get my stuff from the car to the space and set up…. Whew… I made it. I must apologize for the photo clarity… I used my iPhone again, and they are not the best.
P SchutteThe instructor was Paul Schutte. The workshop was on Improvisational Piecing. He is rather well known here and does some interesting things, that appear to be mostly abstract. I was the only non-Afrikaans speaker in the room, and he graciously accommodated me and my poor language skills by using English. I had a great time being in a room full of quilters! I don’t have much to show for my day… but I will work on it later in the week. It does have a plan and a place to be. But more on that later.
On Sunday, I had plans with some co-workers and the young lady I am sponsoring. We drove out to a small village called Dullstroom, which I have been to before… several times as a matter of fact. It has (had) many small interesting shops, restaurants and a Bird of Prey Sanctuary, which was my goal. The others hadn’t been there before so it was all good. I got some great photos of birds. Not really what I was after… but next time… I might get the shot I really want! In the mean time… enjoy these guys.
cr hawk
A Jackal Buzzard. This bird in nearly identical to the Redtailed Hawk in the US,  although it is really classified as a buzzard.
cr- thistle
A thistle.
Acr-blu dfly
A blue Dragonfly
CR-Brd Sanc sptd owl 1
A Spotted Owl
CR-Prgrn Falcon
A Peregrine Falcon. The bird show is awesome and very enjoyable.
DH has reported in, he is enjoying his work and has gone shopping for me. He sent some pictures, he is doing and awesome job, but so far no fabric.
As always… there will be more later -- Beth


Anonymous said...

Beth, great photos and I am so glad to hear that you are getting involved with the guild. I look forward to seeing the end result of your quilt project for that day. Take care and stay safe! Jan

Jean said...

Your quilt day sounds like it was great. I so admire your "just go get involved and do something" spirit. The pictures -- wonderful even if you didn't get what you wanted. My favorite is the owl. Don't know why, he just appeals to me. I don't know how you do it...my husband travels in the States and I hate when he is gone. To be alone in another country? Wow.

Meg said...

Good job on the spur of the moment thing... living by the seat of your pants... it's the only way to fly!!

Love the pictures the buzzard is just gorgeous!! The Owl.. well he needs the quote...
"Good morning... Now shut up and bring me my coffee!"

I could swear I heard him say that when I looked at the picture.. LOL...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jean and Meg. The owl is absolutely bee-u-ti-ful! It is a striking photo! Tell your DH to get on the stick. We want to see his latest selections of fabric are from whatever country he is in.

Karen S said...

Love the nature photos -- especially the falcon.

The batik quilt is pretty -- is that the one that you were working on...ssshhhh....?

Fleurette@ Fleur's place said...

Beth your photo's are stunning! Lucky you taking a class with Paul Schutte :)