Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February UFO

Well I didn’t get my February UFO done. I really didn’t even start it. One of the things  I didn’t realize when I joined the challenge was that sparkly-chix2I don’t have 10 quilt stores with in a 25 mile radius, and that I can’t really run out for the perfect fabric in just a few hours or be inspired in a direction based on a fabric. I did discover that I didn’t really have a fabric in my stash that fit where I thought I wanted the blocks to go…. The other thing I realized and spent the last 20+ days trying to fix, is the lack of a design wall. I was getting frustrated just trying different fabrics, ideas, and settings only to not be happy with the plan because to make an adjustment was just too many steps. In the first picture I posted on the blog regarding UFO #10 I was using a flannel backed table cloth hung from a cord…. some of the block were to heavily embellished to stick to the flannel on their own and needed a pin to keep them in place. Of sparkly-chix-2course to move anything became a major ordeal… and that is when I decided to make a design wall, and making the design wall was a whole design process of its own and took up most of the available space in my sewing room studio.  The room is so small I really can't have 2 projects going at once...

I like to put it, put a pin in (stick straight in to the wall) to keep in place if needed… and move around as needed with little or no hassle. Which I did today. I did have a fabric I ordered come in and I think I like it… as a sashing, and I am thinking the brown striped as a border will work too. What do you think? Any other ideas????
amri-artIn the mail, my friend, my artist friend AnneMarie, sent along with the Paisley block a couple of pieces of her ‘painted, melted, fused’ bits. I’m not really sure what I am going to do with them… I will put them in with my collection of favorite things until the right place comes along.
zim-fabric-1And lastly, my DH was in Zimbabwe. He is such a good quilter’s husband. I have a mandate to please bring me back me back some fabric… if he can find it when he travels. (Can mandate and please be used together; aren’t the mutually cancelling?). Any way, he gets out and about while trying to fulfill my wishes…. and it wasn’t any different in Zimbabwe. He zim-fabric-2found 2 stunning fabrics in really wonderful designs. He knows enough to ask for 100% cotton, but since, fabric for him is like golf for me…. he did not know when they didn’t have a clue about content either. So the the first one is nearly a 100% poly and the second one does have some cotton in it. He was so funny telling me about trying to get something different. They kept trying to sell him fabrics like I already have. He then pointed to the lady’s skirt and told her like that!!! I am thinking that the second one will make a nice table topper, quilted along the design. I guess my UFO list is growing again. I must say I am very lucky that my DH goes looking for me… and I am grateful to have it. I will find a use for it… or a trade
So, what is next? Judy L drew UFO #1 for March, stay tuned there will be more later.


  1. Beth, I love the quilt you posted. The fabrics from Zimbabwe are nice too. I still have my stack from Zimbabwe and have not done a thing with them. My idea is to combine the fabrics with other fabric from Africa. Hope all is going well for you. Take care and until the next time :-)

  2. This is a fun blog to read today. I love your comment that fabric for your husband is like golf for you. My husband's not a golfer, but you said "it" right. You mentioned Zimbabwe - have you read the #1 Ladie's Detective Agency novels set in Zimbabwe?

  3. Well I think the fabric from Zimbabwe is absolutely bee-u-ti-ful! I wonder what will be the next country that he fabric shops er I mean golfs

  4. I think like you and figure a design wall is a huge finish for February. Congratulations! The fabrics you selected for your Chicken UFO work beautifully. I think they'll be perfect but also think that the fabric your husband picked up, (the first photo) could also work in the broder. In days of old they used any fabrics they could get their fingers on and of course there are no quilt police either. Just a thought and with using it so quickly, your husband would be quick to purchase even more fabric for you in the future.vbg!


  5. Great fabric!!! I'm thinking that he's a keeper!! BTW, the "painted.....fused bits" is actually fabric paper, made slopping watered down glue on fabric and then layering tissue paper and paint and more glue on top. Messy to work with, but a lot of fun! I think that I cut them into postcard size, just in case you wanted to use them for a background.


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