Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mail Call

Before I get on to the mail…. let me just say tell you about the rain this morning. It started with a T-storm rumbling in the distance at 4-ish. Linzy was bothered by it, so we got up just in time to be downstairs to see the deluge start. The heavy rain and T-storm lasted for 4 hours. We must have gotten between 4-6 inches of rain. The rain finally stopped around 2 and we had a beautiful warm afternoon.
A Morning Glory
cr-prp-morn-gloryThe week before last the mail was slim… really slim. Like the only personal mail was the usual JUNK. How does that stuff find you even though you don’t even live where it would be useful?
Then this week a deluge. On Tuesday, I was notified that I had 6, yes 6, boxes in the mail room. So I drove back over to the Embassy to pick up my mail - I just couldn’t wait until Wednesday!
2 of the boxes were from my sister. She did a little shopping for me! There were 2 boxes of Graham Crackers, for making S’mores or pie crust, a 7 pound bag of brown sugar (for somethings it has to be the real thing), several bags of shredded coconut, 2 packages of corn tortillas, a 16 oz bottle of vanilla, a large container of Chicken Bullion cubes, and a Sams Club tub of cornstarch. There are some more goodies on the way, as my sister is sending one more box!!! I know for certain there are marshmallows in it, but the rest will be a surprise.
2 other boxes were from Joanns. I ordered a Die Cutter. Not the recently popularized one, but the one from Sizzix. It has a motor so no cranking to cut and it will take dies from the other machines, so for me it is the best of all worlds! It’s the Vagabond. Of course I didn’t order any dies to go with it… But I have a few on the way. I also got a bolt of Peltex.
I also got several squishie packages. 2 from Hancocks of Paducah. It should have only been 1, but will now be 3. In my comments, I asked that they not do any backorders, with instructions to pick something close to the backordered (regular priced items) or cancel them. The chances of a backorder being filled is slim to none, and the last time I waited 10 weeks only to be told sorry in the end. I am thinking Hancocks of Paducah is going on the list of online shops… of only if the price is really good!
Cheryls-PaisleyThe last squishy was the best!!! It was another Paisley block from a Sparkly Chicken. This one came from Wyoming and was made by Cheryl. I have 3 of them now!!! and they are turning out FABULOUS. Don’t you agree?

cr-linzyLastly, I will end with one last picture. Linzy at 11 months. She is a lady now… and next time she will be spending her time at the kennel.
As always I will have more later-


  1. We've had a rainy month here too. Yesterday we topped 8 inches for the month - obviously some flooding in the area.

    I will be interested to see what you think of the Sizzix. My daughter bought one but she has not had a chance to really use it since the baby came early. I am so tempted to get one myself. She and I could exchange dies then.

    I have had good luck with Hancocks of Paducah - and going there is fun. It's about 4 hours from here, so we may go over my spring break. I had some fabric on backorder there for months, and then one day it showed up. They did answer my emails when I contacted them about the order.

    The Morning Glory photo is glorious!

  2. I am interested in what you think of the motorized cutter too. I just don't know if my shoulder could handle a lot of cranking.

  3. Congrats on your vagabond, sounds interesting. Linzy is so beautiful!

  4. Oooh -- I can't wait to hear more about the cutter. Maybe I should send you some special dyed fabric to cut up and send back...

    Linzy is gorgeous -- (sniff) they grow up so fast. I wish I could have been exiled every month during my "time."


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