Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's New?

Looks like I skipped right over July!  Can you believe we are nearly 2 weeks into August? Where is the time going.

Since I last posted… I have joined 2 quilt guilds. This little town supports 2 guilds!!! Not sure if I will stay in both… one meets at night and the other during the day. So far the daytime group has been way more fun!!!

Still working on the setting up the Creative Space. Slow going but things are looking good. I still have to build the table. I got the legs at Ikea, but I need to fabricate the top and paint it.

I am creating even though the space is not done… I am working on 2 challenges. One for the guild in Virginia, which I started before moving and a challenge that was issued by the daytime guild here. I also have a gift or two to make… one is a very late birthday gift and the other is a thank you gift, both will be inspired by my ‘Letter Series’.


Yesterday, I played at a Dyeing Workshop by the Daytime Guild. We had so much fun. The instructor, brought lots of dye and mixed up 8 very strong colors. She also brought along several tools to use for the Shibori resist type dyeing techniques. She supplied the fabric as well, which was great. She also allowed us to bring up to 2 yards of additional fabric. I had some PDF left over from a previous dyeing project so I took that. I had originally planned to do some stitching, but the fabric was a very tight weave… so I just folded and ironed it for some some folded resist techniques. We were also given a piece of a very soft bamboo fabric. While it is soft and nice on the hand, I don’t think it dyes up as well as cotton. In looking a bit deeper into bamboo, (Wikipedia or Google it)I don’t think we have been educated well about the process it takes to make it into a fabric. Very toxic.


I have a question, if making Bamboo into fabric caused serious pollution or poisonous working conditions, would you buy or use it?

More Later-Beth


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I had never looked into the manufacture of the bamboo fabric. I had cotton/bamboo blend sheets and loved them. I have used bamboo batting once. I wouldn't go out of my way looking for bamboo products.

Anonymous said...

I am a wee bit envious of all your creative happenings ;)
If I knew that the bamboo fabrics was made under shitty circumstances, I would not buy it. But alas, most of the time you have no clue on how anything is made.

Anne Marie - Toronto said...

Probably not, but then I expectt that I wouldn't have researched it.......I have owned one pair of black bamboo socks, but they faded quickly, so I wasn't ever ready to buymore. Your fabric dying looks great! Another thing that I'd like to do, but just don't ever seem to find the time.

Anonymous said...

Love the bright colors of your dyed fabric! two guilds? that's great.