Friday, May 21, 2010

Out of Town

So where am I if I am staying (almost) next door to this house,

just up the street from this monument,

and this is also nearby?

Yes, I am staying just about next door to the Obamas... from the roof of the hotel I can see over the Treasury Building and see part of the White House and some of the grounds. We are less than a block from the White House. We took a walk when we got in, there was a musical function going on out on the White House lawn, and due to the Mexican President and his wife visiting .... the front had a screen up.

The Washington Monument is only a block or two away as is the Mall and many of the Smithsonian museums. I visited several yesterday, but the temps went from cold and drizzly on Tuesday to Hot and blazing yesterday! I was in a meeting most of the day on Wednesday and we took in a Baseball Game at the new Nationals Ballpark and we had killer seats, left field side, behind the dugout (Mets), just 12 rows up!!!

Today I am going out for maybe more pictures and later today a private Capitol Tour.... and what it includes I don't know, but I'll fill you in later!!!

I saw sparrows, starlings and other birds taking baths in a fountain yesterday too. There was one, that really loved playing in the water... He was soaked... and repeated the bath several times. He is the one on the left

Well I'm outta here for a walk and maybe some shopping.... More Later.


  1. Have fun in DC! So much to see! Have you ever been to the textile museum? I really wanted to go when we were there 2 years ago, but we only had 2 days to visit :( . Enjoy!

  2. Schweet.... Hope you had a blast!

  3. Beth, I'm only so so on keeping up online but try to keep reading your blog. I'm so excited about your move and will look forward to finding out all the stuff you have to share. I'm glad both your fur buddies get to go.


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