Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sewing Space

  I was going to post …. “Design Wall Monday”… but the Internet here was so slow and clunky I decided to put it off. Not sure if it is any better today… but I have to give it a try.

We still do not have high speed Internet connection. Telkom has not only NOT connected the Data (ADSL), but somehow on Friday disconnected the telephone part too, so no dial tone on the house phone. Good thing the Alarm System is wireless!!! Or I would be a sitting duck.

So since I missed the ‘Design Wall Monday’… it is now going to be ‘My Sewing Space”…

Sewing Machine Corner

My sewing room is the empty spare bedroom, and it is not very large. Maybe 10 feet by 14 feet… give or take a few inches. Absolutely nothing compared to my studio in Chicagoland… which was huge by comparison. I guess I am going to learn if I can downsize or not. My guess is NOT….

The Closet

Other corner

Anyway, the room is bright and eventually will house another queen size bed, but it will most likely be in the same position as this one… filling in as a design wall. The only other things in the room are the desk with the sewing machine on it, a glass fronted bookcase and an ironing board!!! On the back wall is the built in closet and storage. Not too shabby…. But not nearly enough!!! I am thinking I will have to use both bedrooms for keeping stuff… and be really creative on how I am going to get it all stored.

Quilt in Progress on Design Wall

The quilt in progress is the replacement wedding quilt. I had originally planned to give the kids (Justin & Kaelyn) the Black White Bright quilt, but they have a problem with dog hair. And Black shows dog hair (there is a lot of solid black on this quilt and they have a large light colored German Shepherd) - so I suggested a quilt a bit more forgiving … with dog hair. Batiks … and in colors they chose. She likes Green and he likes Blue… and well this is where it went. In my air shipment I packed 10 pounds of batiks in green, blue and browns!!! Mostly in Fat Quarters.

I spent a day or three, cutting the strips -(which is making me think about an Accucut!) And a few more days stitching up the blocks. I moved the mattress in and covered it with the blue sheet you see poking out, where a few more blocks are still needed. It is a pattern by Cottage Creek Quilts, called Olde Hickory. I have added a column to make it wider… and it will have borders…. But I am not sure what I will do with those yet!

So far I like the quilt. What do you think? Border suggestions?

More Later!

(Quilt update: The blocks are all sewn together... Now entertaining border ideas.)


  1. I did this same quilt a few years ago, and changed the size, also. I just put a plain-ish border on it (that matched the centers) with cornerstones of the small blocks.

    Glad to see you're back in sewing mode!

  2. Your room looks bright! I have just a small bedroom for a "studio" room. It is no more than 11 x 11, if that, but it works better than not having that space! I like the batik quilt. Do you need borders for the size of the quilt? I imagine I would like it without a border.

  3. Fabulous Beth! At most, I would put a narrow border that brings out the color you want to dominate. It is a beautiful quilt. 8-)

  4. Beautiful quilt! LOVE the colors! As one who recently drastically downsized my sewing space, there's something quite liberating about downsizing... keeping only what you really love... Good luck!

  5. Good luck with the downsizing? ;-)
    I love the quilt -- Maybe a narrow border in a lighter color with a little bit wider one in a darker color?

  6. Absolutely Bee-u-t-ful. Its amazing that you can be so creative in such as small space

  7. Love the quilt and don't really think that it needs borders. Just MHO!


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