Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Observation and more

White Icelandic Poppy

Last night, and several others since we have been here, I have noticed how quiet it is at night. I don’t mean the lack of city sounds. There are plenty of those; dogs barking, cars- horns and doors, music, and police sirens. The part that is missing, especially after living in the Chicago area, is planes in the night sky. No colored dots, red and green, zooming across the heavens taking travelers from place to place. No wondering if the white light is a star or not. No big planes way up high or little planes a bit lower buzzing toward a small airport. No planes heading for O’Hare or Midway….

During the day I hear maybe one or two jumbo jets… maybe a small private craft or a Leer Jet. Most often- I hear the South African Air Force, but they are mostly during the day.

Hibiscus Stamen

And as promised some pictures…. Strewn through the post and they have nothing to do with the post… just pretty. Remember for a larger view... just click on the picture.

Pink Hibiscus


a common Butterfly

Yesterday I had to go to the Embassy. I have applied for a job, (about a month ago), interviewed and gotten one. Not exactly sure what I will be doing… but it’s part time and will give me a perspective on working in a Mission… and some of the goings on! And maybe the job I really want… will come along… or not. I had to fill out some paperwork and be finger printed… I will have to have a background check and be given a Security Clearance before starting work… and that can take 2 to 4 weeks or more.

A large bird... don't know what kind (yet)

In the mean time, I stopped and signed up to be a sponsor for incoming personnel. Partially due to the need and because I think I can/will do a good job of it. I have already informally done the job (for 2 of the neighbors in the compound) and with my midnight trip to the Johannesburg Airport to pick up the DH, (finally home from Rwanda after 5 weeks); I think I can say I am ready to help! There is a long list of “make ready” and prep work before they arrive and then after they get here… showing them the ways and wheres of shopping, schools and neighborhoods, etc. Sort of a one woman ‘Welcome Wagon’.

The center of a Mallow flower.

The really good news is. We have ADSL, which in South Africa equates to High Speed Internet!!! Actually only partially. The Modems here also have a built in Wireless Router. I am having a problem getting wireless part up and running… but I think it will take a new modem/router to do that. I can’t get the old security code to go away or the new one accepted…. (it was a gift from a friend that went home). So I am thinking a new modem and an answering machine for the house line…

An Icelandic Poppy-- Photoshopped
I'm thinking thread painted?

We are hoping our ‘Sea Shipment’ has arrived on the continent and is in the process of Customs! It was supposed to dock on 9/23… but who knows if it really did? Not that I am really looking forward to cramming all that stuff into this house. (edit: as of about 15 minutes ago... Our 'Sea Shipment' has been released from ZA Customs... delivery possibly 10/1!!!)

And as always MORE later!


  1. OMG! OMG! These pictures are gorgeous -- I can see any and all of them done as quilts. Gorgeous! Thank you -- I have really missed your photos.

  2. Yea! We only had a tiny tiny taste of living without our stuff with our gov moves (longest was 1-2 months)... I'm glad you'll finally be able to settle in. Congrats on the job and new helping role. Beautiful pictures! And yes, Chicago has an incredible number of jets flying around! Even the night time "background" noise (and night-time light) is constant. We always noticed how noisy that place is when we visit DH's family, and how it never gets dark at night...

  3. I have a favor - and you can pass this along to anyone you think would like to help us, too.

    Next summer's library program theme is world travel. We'd like to start now and build a collection of postcards sent from around the world.

    Postcards may be sent to: Young Readers at Lodi Public Library, 130 Lodi Street, Lodi WI 53555 USA

    THANKS! Trish


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