Monday, October 4, 2010

Accuquilt Giveaway from Alderwood Quilts

(once again. While we thought we were on High Speed Internet... it was only temporary. It seems there are still some problems on our phone line... so back to slow and expensive wireless... for now.)

So since things here are so slow -I thought I would send you to a blog.... that is hosting a Giveaway. I have of course signed up... in all the ways possible... including posting on my blog about it... too.

go to Alderwood Quilts

for your opportunity...

to Win an Accuquilt Go and 3 Dies

and if you don't really want it... sign up and if you win.... I'll trade you something(s) from South Africa for it. I want one!!!

If not then check out Alderwood Quilts blog.... about her farm (lavender) on Oregon, her quilts and quilting and family... (kids and dogs)....

and for now... that's all, but there will be

More Later!!!!



  1. WOW! Must be the season! Thanks for the heads up! I just entered to win the same thing at Diary of a Quilter Blog:

    Good luck to both of us!!

  2. Well I did it.. I better win!! I love gadgets... °Ü°

  3. It's good to have all these eyes on the net looking out. I hope you get your net up and running soon. Good luck (but I hope I win )


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