Monday, October 11, 2010

Another "GO" post

I think I mentioned somewhere recently that  I have decided that I want an Accuquilt GO!! One way is to try and win one... so far no luck there... so to increase my chances I have actually even blogged about blogger's having Accuquilt Giveaways.

So, once again... to increase my odds (HA!), I'm adding another blog... about the Accuquilt Go.

Go to Badlands Quilts and check out her blog. Karen has been a very busy begginner... Well that is what her Blog Header says, but I did a little surfing her blog and pages... and I think she needs to change the header!!

Do yourself a favor and give her blog a spin... it's a nice place to stop in Blogland!

More later-



  1. Thanks Beth, I have entered. Good luck! hope one of us wins! I also love this GO! cutter and have been trying to win one all over blogland.

  2. I've entered for the Go! cutter too, maybe I'll win and can send it to you! -pegg


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