Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nature at Harpers Ferry

I parked the car and walked through the lower part of the park, along the river and then back through the town. Way back when, in the mid 1800’s Harpers Ferry was an industrial town. The Shenandoah river was harnessed to produce water power for a weaving mill, a pulp mill and several other factories. But that did not last too long... after the late part of the century. As with most rivers, when it left its banks… the damage became too much to repair, over and over again.

Much of the stone work to channel the river, is still there, as is some of the holding basin

While walking back to the car along a remnant of the basin, I found some turtles. They are so used to movement along the shore that they don’t scurry off the logs. I like how green the little guy is.


Then there were these 5… catching the last of the warm weather before going into hibernation for the long cold winter ahead. Again another green one.


And then, this lady was just laying here, not concerned about the humans standing just a few yards away. Didn’t even flick an ear.


And I think just about the last of the wild flowers


I hope you enjoyed my day out in Harpers Ferry.

More later-Beth


  1. Now that is seriously cool - imagine turtles out in the nature.
    As aways, great pics!

  2. Love the turtles! We have a creek very close to our home that drain into the Tennessee River. Lots of turtles to watch.

  3. The green turtle looks like it sat there too long and has moss growing on its back.

  4. Just found your blog via Wanda's exuberant color. I noticed your Nebraska comment there and can't not say hi since we grew up there and also live in NoVA. Lovely photography.

  5. Love these pictures! My sons and I were at Harpers Ferry a few years ago. I don't remember seeing this much nature, just the historical portions.


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