Tuesday, May 18, 2010


A week or so ago I won a Blog Giveaway from ArtQuiltMaker (see her blog here). It was for some sample silks from a tie factory that used to be close by her home. Anyway, all entrants had to do was leave a comment, which of course I did, or why else would I be telling you about my win!!! So today, they arrive!!! Please forgive the terrible pictures; I took them with the iPhone… And am I so very glad I posted a comment!!! They are lovely. No immediate plans for them, because I am slowly packing up the sewing studio and making those tough choices… stay or go. I am thinking that the silks will go… because I just might have another arty project coming up in the next few months… That could use some tie silk. So thank you Jaye for selecting my name!!!

I have taken all my quilted art off the furniture, walls and other areas that it has adorned since we moved into this house. Not that it looks totally bare, but when the plants go my house will seem very empty!!! My “mother in law” and quilting friend has agree to babysit a couple of my plants, I have a bird of Paradise that is very tall, a ficus that my DH gave me when we lived in San Diego (it was only about 6” tall then) and a split leaf philodendron… I have a bunch more plants, somewhere in the neighborhood of 15…. Some have taste marks from the cat…. He’s eaten a few of my plants over the years… I have had a few of my plants since 1999.

I am finalizing the arrangements for the dog and cat’s commute to South Africa. I think I am more stressed about that aspect of this whole move than anything else!!! We still have 2 hurdles … yet to go that have time constraints… but I think I have it under control.

And there will be more later.


Anonymous said...

Wow you're amazing! Those silks are bee-u-ti-full! They might make a nice tie for you DH (if into those designs).

Becky said...

You know you're a fabric addict when...... LOL Good luck with the move!!

sosarahsew said...

What a neat win!! Sooooo, the cat is going too?

Karen S said...

Cool silks! Love the new header! ;o)