Saturday, May 15, 2010

A NEW Header

Not sure if anyone has noticed… but I have changed the header on my blog… from Notes about … something, everything or maybe nothing… to A Quilters Adventure – Moving and Living in South Africa!!! Somehow it just doesn’t seem grand enough for the amount of change taking place in my house and life.

So if anyone has any better ideas for a title…. I’m open to suggestions.

I have also changed my profile, just a bit… since I won’t be from Chicago for much longer. And to be honest I’m not even from Chicago. We moved here just a bit less than 3 years ago, (Oct will be 3 years), and from Nebraska… where we were visitors for just under 5 years. Before that California, while I miss the weather, I don’t miss all the people, the high cost of living, and the taxes/politics at the state level.

When we get to South Africa, it will be winter, the beginning. It doesn’t get as cold there as it does in Chicago and Nebraska, so it will be a nice change!!! Of course when I was there in July last year (Pretoria), with only summer clothes I thought I was going to freeze to death. NO central heat in the homes like we have… so once I got chilled I stayed that way until we got back to the beach!

I am hoping that this blog will be a bit interactive as we get to South Africa and get settled in… with questions and comments from readers… that will keep me looking at South Africa with a new perspective every day!

As Always…. Much More later!

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  1. I don't know -- moving to and living in South Africa sounds pretty dang impressive to me! Moving is not easy, and to a whole new world - wow! I am looking forward to hearing about all that happens. The picture of the big cat is amazing. I feel like I live a pretty boring little life in comparison!


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