Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Waiting Game

Once again I have left a huge information gap….. I sometimes find it very difficult to tell half a story or only portions of a story... so I let it hang for a bit to see if I can tell it all or not. We still can't tell it all, because we don't know it yet or it could change direction in midtelling. There are a few things going on… the first and foremost is tomorrow I have the last part of my (medical) physical. It is not fun and tastes nasty to say the least and I have to drink a gallon of it!!! Once I have been proclaimed healthy things will really get rolling.

I have also been very busy preparing the house for sale. We had the exterior trim painted, the garden and yard spiffed up and a bit of carpet installed upstairs, (something we had intended to do since we moved in, but moving all that furniture…). Now that it is done… I wish we had done it years ago, but isn’t that the way it always goes?

When we got the word… we had to apply for a different passport, which we have received and are now in the process of applying for our Visas. I have begun working on getting the pets export/import permits and health certificates. It’s nearly as complicated a process as for humans. The dog has to be free of 5 diseases and have a specific microchip inserted. My DH has said that I can take the cat, but I would much prefer to find him a home. He is getting up there in age, and I am afraid he is too old to make the 22 plus hour flight. Although- he is in good shape otherwise, anyone need a really nice cat? I have a picture of him here.

We have a house assigned, (the actual house could change) but it has 3 bedrooms and the neighborhood is safe enough that I could even walk Axel at night, and we have a date. It is tentatively the end of June!!!

In the meantime I think we have decided to keep the house and not try to sell it. Things got a bit easier last week, since we made that decision. The market has not recovered enough… and not having to keep the house looking in tip top shape everyday will ease things up around here for me.

Now I need to start preparing our stuff…. Stays and goes to storage or goes with us and then which level of go… we will have 3 levels. Stuff that goes with us right away… clothes and things you just can’t live without, up to 500 pounds or so, then there is the airfreight, (which I forget what that weight limit is), but it will have all the stuff you can live without for a few weeks, but really miss… and then there is the slow boat stuff, which will be everything we think we need, (the kitchen, the sewing room and the bed). But I need to start a place to put and keep thing separated, so the dining room will be dismantled next week as the “Goes to Africa” place and not accidentally packed for storage.

Everything had to wait until next week, because… the kids all came in this weekend for a last stateside visit. They wanted to surprise their dad… so we did! He didn’t have a clue. So, Thursday we stayed in, Friday we went to a White Sox game, Saturday was a visit to South Bend to visit the Grandparents, and Sunday everyone but me went into the city… DIL, hasn’t been to Sears Tower and wanted to see the downtown area, then a tour of Wrigley Field… (we saw the Cubs last year and plenty when we lived in San Diego) and out to dinner for them. NO DINNER for Me! I will be very happy to be done with the whole Dr. thing, some tests and procedures are a whole nuther form of torture, doncha think?

I have spent a very few hours in the sewing room, but preparing for the new carpet and the kids, took just about all of my time! Oh, and I had a garage sale in there too! All in all it’s been a fast couple of weeks and as always,

There will be more later!


  1. Oh -- I wish I could take the kitty...wait...sniff...ACHOO! Um, no, guess I can't. Happy to see that the visit was fun. Love that drink -- I wonder if you can put vodka in it... it's clear...

  2. Susan L said that you were to be outta here in about 60 days since you decided not to sell. Glad to hear about all the updated info. Hope everything comes out ok tomorrow - all those tests are both a blessing (that we can track things so early) and a curse! See you in June?? Sarah

  3. Wow! We lost so much money selling our house recently that I don't blame you if you can afford to keep it. Glad you have your family around. Good luck with the test. Moving is hard, but I'm sure you'll be fine!!!! Good luck!


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