Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 15

Of the shut down-We are now at 3 weeks without pay.

If it were up to me…. I would fire every single one in Congress! I would tie their compensation to hard deadlines. They don’t get paid! and if they can’t get the job done, they pay US, as in WE The PEOPLE.

On the news last night, “I” heard that some of these elected persons think that we want them to HOLD the line… and not reopen the government, not give in, hold the line. REALLY? Have they seen the polls on this issue? Their constituents must all be independently wealthy -because what I hear is really different!

I don’t know where we can go from here… but as a country we the people need to take back some control. Our politicians seem to think being elected to Congress is about them and their views, not those in their home districts or Political Party as a whole.

It has become so divisive and fractured that they are willing to cripple the entire country (debt ceiling) to be right. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of struggling to live every single month, in an economy that is just barely staying ahead of failure.

I don’t want to experience a depression. The last several recessions have been enough!

I think we need some reforms. I think we need some National Referendums to make some changes. I think we need to simplify our government, and start by instituting term limits, campaign contributions (imagine how nice elections season would be if they didn’t have so much money for awful commercials), outlaw PACS- let states govern themselves… and keep the Federal portion confined to the big picture.

Of course what I think doesn’t matter…. I generally won’t discuss politics, because it can be so contentious… but I think right now we are all fed up with the whole bunch!!! I know I am!

What do you think????



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Exuberant Color said...

I have said all along that every time congress goes into extra sessions because they couldn't meet a deadline that they need to pay us back for each day, not get overtime pay. They have no idea how the ordinary person lives.

Jean said...

I hope the news from late today is true, and a deal is ready. But I dread facing the same issues in several months. I avoid arguing with people who have their minds made you, I don't talk politics in my blog...but manipulating to hold the line and not keep "the people" and ordinary lives in the forefront angers me.

Anonymous said...

For me (poor Swede) your political system is very strange. Even more strange that the politicians continued to get paid and the people not, wether they got to work or not.
Not only where "your" politicians playing Russian roulette with the USA economy, but the world economy as well.
From what I understand the deal is struck today, but what scares me is that you/we might have to relive the same ordeal in a couple of months. Time for a new revelation?

Karen S said...

Nice rant -- I think that congress pay should be tied to work. Trouble is, most of them don't really need the money and can afford health insurance without being part of a group. I have been avoiding talking politics for the most part, but I have noticed in my listening, that everyone thinks the congress is broken. Wish I knew how to fix it.