Tuesday, October 1, 2013


in the world am I going to blog about? It is the question I have been asking myself for the last week or so. I don’t have anything to say… at least nothing I think anyone wants to hear about.

The DH (dear husband) was away on business last week. It was a long week. A very long week, not really sure why.

I had quilty things that I attended -a bee and a couple of meetings. Both were enjoyable, but neither one was very exciting. I have accepted the nomination for Guild  Secretary. I think it is the only position I have never held on an Executive Board level. May have to practice penmanship. I have suspended the work on the Chickens, because I had a baby quilt to finish. Its done and good thing too. The baby arrived so the quilt will go in the mail soon. And I am quilting another large throw quilt… about 70 x 70, as long as I have the machine set up for quilting… It has been waiting all summer to be quilted.

There is a single constant these last few weeks though. Both of the dogs, Axel and Linzi, are dropping hair like there will be no tomorrow. Between the 2 of them they deposit a small dog every other day. I find the little “fluff” dog floating around on the hardwood floor. So I vacuum just about every day, either the floor or the stairs! I brush them as well, but it never ends. I have never seen these 2 shed like this. It will be interesting to see if it correlates to how cold the winter is.

We also have a new wrinkle. The ‘Budget Impasse’.  DH of course works for the government, but his job is considered essential so he has to report for work regardless. Which means he is employed, but he doesn’t get paid. Is there a term for that? You know when you are out of work and pay its called unemployment. Is there a term for someone that works but doesn’t receive their pay? Oh and all the rules regarding time off, change too. If you have leave scheduled and take it, it’s now called “self-furlough”.


and of course because we need a picture. One that I think sums it up.


Storm clouds… taken from the back deck in June. It looked like a fierce storm, but didn’t produce much in the way of… storm…..

More later…. Beth



  1. I miss your posts when you don't so I am glad to see this. Of course, I haven't posted...think that I have struggled more than necessary with adding photos. And too much time spent on school computer work. I don't belong to a alive quilt group. I admire your involvement. The clouds are amazing! Yes, it is a rocky time here too with so many who work on the Arsenal.

  2. Workers without pay would usually be called Volunteers......but that is supposed to be voluntary, not demanded.

    Love the cloud photo, lots of movement in it.

  3. Ugh! My husband was deemed "non essential" and sent home. Infuriating isn't it? He also had a co-worker who's son was in the Navy Building during the shooting, but luckily escaped safely. I hope you weren't affected by that. ... don't know what else to say... just really stinks! Hang in there, as best as you can.

  4. It sound like you're in a rut! Yes, things are getting accomplished, but you're feeling uninspired. Perh aps it's time to take on one more hobby? Or take a trip out in the country to shoot fall colours. I'm sure that Houston will pep you up a bit. Wanna swap something after that?

  5. Working without any say so and without any pay = slavery springs to mind ;o

  6. Being forced to work without pay is "slavery".

    It sounds like you've been busy!


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