Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy News!!

After being without Broadband for 3 weeks we are back up!!! Its not that we didn’t have Internet. We, did. It was on an aircard, where you use the wireless phone infrastructure to get online, but it is expensive and in the day and age of graphics…. all pages are slow to load and graphics eat up kilobytes…. which turn into Megabytes, which eat up available online time!!! we paid $75 for 3 weeks of airtime. Of course all that time we were still paying for the ADSL line and the Internet connection service… (It’s not worth trying to get a refund or credit, I’ve tried). We are just happy to be back online!!!!

Before (the loss of Broadband), I had had to restore my computer to a previous point… which of course didn’t go as planned…. so I have some major issues to get worked out too. HOPEFULLY we will stay online long enough to get these fixed! Some how the Windows Updater has been turned off… and I can’t get it back on. I have done searches on Windows and the Internet, and even been to the MS Forums, but so far no help or useful information!!! If you know the problem…. and have found a fix please let me know. (I am running Win7-64 bit).

The last couple of days I have been outside with the camera!!! It is moving into summer now. T-storms will soon be a daily occurrence, starting with today! So what did I see?

Well some birds of course-


Cardinal Woodpeckers


and what I believe is a flycatcher,


an itty bitty grasshopper (I think),


a butterfly. And some flowers-


a rose


and a type of geranium,


-and my dogs, Axel and Linzy, not the best photo of them….


  1. I am soooo happy to see your photos again! I can't believe how big Linzy is -- she's all grown up!

  2. Look at those adorable ears! Makes me smile! I hope you didn't lose any pictures! I spent an hour trying to help DS1 with email and editing and resending documents for a homework assignment, and quickly realized I was in WAY over my head. He eventually figured it out on his own (whew!). Made me long for the "old days" when we hand wrote assignments! Sorry, I'm no help for you either :-P. Love the sweet little flycatcher!

  3. Beautiful dogs! I am glad that you have your broadband back.

  4. As alway stunning pics, my fav is the one with the yellow flowers and the butterfly - wow.
    And the furry babes, cutest - look like they either have run a marathon or the weather is hot LOL.
    Btw, happy to hear that your hand has healed well.

    Hugs from a blahaha autumn day in Sweden


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